Nightly traditions

posted on: Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have this new nightly tradition where we have to practically drag Nola into her crate. Penny runs right in and lays down immediately, perfectly, while Nola stands five feet away from us. Her face shows no emotion as she stares at us trying to pretend like she doesn’t know exactly what she’s supposed to do. So, I start by trying to gently coax her into the crate, which turns into me pulling her by her collar, to which she plants her tush firmly on the ground and refuses to move. Flat out refuses. I believe she purposefully plants all her weight in her bum just to make it even more difficult. A real-life puppy paper weight. Once we do get her in her crate, she just stands there and stares at us waiting to see if we’re truly leaving her in there or if we will have a change of heart.

I have documented this above for posterity sake. We’ll look back, years from now, and remember how Nola used to be so difficult sometimes. Hopefully she’ll outgrow it and we won’t be talking about how she’s still difficult years later. Either way, it doesn’t matter how much mischief they cause during the day. They still manage to steal our hearts again, every single night.

  • Nola is such a pretty golden! My parents have one (Jack), and honestly they look like they could be brother and sister!

    I don’t want to leave Penny out – she’s a pretty gal too!

  • This post made me giggle because it sounds like Nola has perfected the art of becoming a cat. Our cats do this every time we have to crate them to go to the vet and it turns into an interesting adventure! Fortunately they are all small enough we can pick them up but they have other ways of getting out of getting into the carrier!

  • Thank you! Ha, I tried to take a pic of Penny but my iPhone isn’t great in dark light and she was perched far back in her crate. She thanks you for not leaving her out, she told me so.

  • I feel like while cats are smaller and easier to carry, they are fast and small which can make it an interesting dilemma indeed!

  • I laughed when I read this post :) Our pup, Chloe, has always been crated at night but we spent 5-10 minutes every.single.night for more than two years chasing her, pulling her, pushing her, etc. to get her to go in. A few months ago – just for laughs! – Nathan opened the door to her kennel at bedtime and said “Time for bed!” The silly dog walked right in, turned around, and lied down on her blanket, like that’s how she’s always done it. Now that’s her nightly routine :)

  • That’s hilarious! And she kept doing it? I love it. Maybe we’ll try that tonight. If all else fails, there’s always carrots or something to bribe her with!

  • Kerry

    You can try luring her with a treat then tossing it into the crate. Good luck!!

  • Ha, yes! Sometimes it comes to that. Thanks!