That time I tried to decipher a dress code

posted on: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[ Lace top & Burgundy skinnies: H&M // White tank: Target ]

Last night, we went to an event honoring Adam and about fifteen other people. My biggest conundrum when attending an event is usually what to wear. For this event, the dress code was “professional”. Dress codes seem silly to me sometimes. Not the fact that they exist, I get that. It’s the definitions of the terms. Casual, formal, black tie. Those aren’t tough to figure out but, I mean, what is the exact definition of “professional” these days? I picture pants suits for women. I know that’s not completely accurate, but that’s the very first thing that comes to mind. For the record, I do not own a pants suit. As a freelancer, my definition of professional is nice pants, cute shirt, heels. So that’s what I wore.

I usually go to events, trying to dress as best I can to the dress code and usually feel way too overdressed. I end up going to the event feeling pretty uncomfortable and see a few women wearing something similar to what I wanted to wear and find myself envying them. I’ve recently(meaning today) have decided to dress more to my own definition of the word, not what I think is expected of me. I was a little nervous that I’d feel like I stuck out, but my outfit didn’t make me feel out of place at all. Nope, not at all. Oh, but the showing up at what we thought was on time but was actually thirty minutes late did the trick. Yep! And the event was way smaller than we expected. Of course. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone until ten minutes into the dinner. Luckily it was fine, but that’s the last time I trust an event website, I tell ya. Oh well, at least I felt cute?

Yep, real cute.

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  • Hi Katie, Love your pretty lace top :)

  • Thank you, Sita!

  • I still struggle with unwrapping those terms. I work in a casual workplace, where my college hoodies are acceptable clothing, so when I see professional I tend to overdo it. Lately I’ve been working hard to unwrap my personal style a bit more, beyond “this is comfy but not flattering but it’s comfy so I’ll wear it” and more into “this is adorable and comfortable and makes me look like a million dollars, how can I accessorize it and look like an adult?”

    it’s both fun and crazy-making at times.

  • you are so cute! love this outfit and your attitude! :)

  • Yes! It can be tough to navigate, but I find that buying an outfit at a time helps. If I shop by pieces too much, I end up with a ton of things that don’t work well with much else in my closet. I buy an outfit and make sure I have a few other things that would pair well with those items and bring new life to them. Accessories are fun too! Places like Forever 21 are great for buying cheap accessories and not needing to commit to something pricier, but add a little something special to outfits you’ve already worn before!

    Good luck, Deva! It’ll get easier.

  • Thank you, Katie!

  • I loveeee that lace top!

    xo Niki

  • Thanks Niki! I had tried to find the perfect one for so long and I love this one! It also buttons up the back.