posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekends at home are pretty much absolutely wonderful. We get a couple days off to move a little slower, take our time in the mornings and just enjoy Charlotte and this dream-like weather we’re having. My mom and sister came into town Friday night, we let Adam rest at home and headed out to Zen Asian Fusion, it was delicious! We were also treated to some free dessert, which doesn’t hurt one bit. We couldn’t decide between two different slices of cake, so they brought us both. Not bad at all! The food, and company, were absolutely fabulous. We then got to spend the day together on Saturday, just us girls. It’s been so long since we’ve had time like that together and it was more than needed. I love girl time! They headed home on Saturday and Adam cheered me up by letting me pick our movie for the night. I chose “You’ve Got Mail”, a favorite of mine. I also ate ice cream right out of the tub which, let’s face it, is always a win.

Sunday we headed to church and then made a Dunkin run, which is starting to become a little tradition of ours. After hanging out at home for a bit, we were off to buy my camera! You know that time you buy something new, but have to let the battery charge for a few hours? Those few hours seem to feel like eternity. I may have paced back and forth in front of the charger waiting for the blinking light to turn green. I was a bit anxious, you see. I had a meeting to go to last night and left it at home, so I haven’t had much time with it yet. I’m looking forward to learning the ropes on my new pal. I learned a ton on my Nikon, but this camera is a lot more complex than my entry-level. Those are just a few photos I took the second I set-up my camera. Not the most interesting subjects, but all I had were the animals and a dirty house so..there’s that.

  • jen

    yay for your new camera! also jealous you have guys have weather appropriate for those boots. central tx needs to get on board with fall already.

  • Oh yes! I am absolutely loving this weather! As a south Florida baby, I always dreamed of living in a place with four seasons.

    How about I go tell Texas to stop being a bully to Fall and let the cold come on in to stay for a while. I’m sure that will just have to work!

  • Yay for new cameras and for ice cream out of the tub :-)

  • Yes, yes! Absolutely!