our weekend in the mountains

posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2012


No filter. My mom and step-dad’s property.



This weekend we spent two glorious days in the mountains. It was a little nerve-wrecking having the pups there. Nola jumped over the tiny fence my mom and step-dad have set-up in the backyard, but luckily didn’t go too far. Just far enough to get into the mud, of course. It was Penny Lane I was most nervous about. That girl can jump! She did pretty well, minus one incident where they opened the fence somehow and ran around the property. Treats and peanut butter helped wrangle them back into the fenced-off area. It’s nice to give them a ton of time outdoors. Hopefully by this time next year we will have a backyard, until then it’s long walks and dog park trips for us.

Saturday we hung around the house, had dinner and relaxed. We stay at a nearby motel that was recently renovated in their small town and this time we had both large crates in one little room. It was definitely interesting. Even though we didn’t get much sleep that night, we got to enjoy cable TV in bed. It’s the little things, really. Give me cable for a day or two and I’m satisfied. I swear that’s one of the things that gets me to the gym, the promise of cable television. Please don’t judge me.

Sunday we enjoyed a delicious meal of pancakes, eggs and vanilla maple bacon(thank you local farmer’s market). Once coffee and our breakfast feast was in our bellies, we drove around the mountains a bit. We enjoyed a trip to a local landmark store for glass bottled sodas and a few other goodies. On our way home we stopped at a local vineyard we love, sat outside and enjoyed the sun and gorgeous 65-degree temperatures. We both desperately needed that time away from the city and I’m finally starting to begin to feel like myself again. Feeling blessed and thankful!