Step back.

posted on: Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello, friends. Well, thanks to the DNC taking over our lives for a couple weeks I feel a bit out-of-sorts. It really has been one of the most stressful times Adam and I have experienced, both separately and as a couple for many reasons. We work in a building in uptown and therefore had to work that week. It was less stressful in some aspects than I thought and much more stressful in others. This is the main reason I’ve been so quiet here lately. I feel a bit lost trying to get back into a routine with work, life, blog, etc. when everything was put on hold for a couple weeks. Because of this, I’m going to take a step back for a few days. I want to give the blog a new look, figure out why I write here everyday and come back refreshed and ready to share again. I just need to get a grip on everything and it’s taken a little longer than I thought. As things begin to calm down and get back into a routine, I’ll be back. I just need to get refocused and that’ll only be done by taking a step back and letting go for a little bit. We’re heading to the mountains this weekend and I think it’s the perfect time to recharge. I’ll be bringing my camera and unplugging from the computer(although I can’t quite let go of Instagram). I’ll be back shortly, though. I miss this and you guys, but sometimes it’s more than necessary to take time to refocus and that I shall do! Enjoy your weekend! I’ll see you soon.

  • Unplugging is necessary at times! I’ve taken a blogging hiatus myself. I think I’ll be coming back soon :)


  • I definitely miss it, but if I’m going to have the energy to really share and really blog, I need a break every once in a while or else everything becomes stale or forced. Glad you’re getting a break!

  • I just announced that I’m doing the same thing today too. Recharging and trying to figure out what direction I want my blog to go. It’s certainly time to do it. Enjoy your hiatus! I’m looking forward to mine :)