Jayme Dee

posted on: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photo by Trever Hoehne

I love highlighting up-and-coming artists and helping them succeed. Okay, sort of helping. Not sure what my little blog can do, but I thought I would share this girl’s wonderful music and talent with you all. She’s awesome!

If you’ve already heard of Jayme Dee, it was probably through her YouTube page or maybe the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Sidenote: I’m a huge fan of YouTube. The fans essentially get to vote for their favorite artists and who they want to get signed by watching their videos over and over…and over again.

Anyway, back to Jayme. She plays guitar, writes music and has an incredible voice! She also comes across as one of those girl you can easily be friends with, which is a plus.

Here are some of my favorite covers Jayme has performed:

Her song from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

Also, her first single is out today! Congrats, Jayme!

Head over to iTunes now to purchase it! Keep voting with those dolla’ dolla’ bills. Or buck 29. That too.

  • She is amazing! Her vocals are really good for youtube videos. Thanks for letting us all know about her.

  • Tory

    WOW. I never realized Toxic was actually a good song! I have always loved when people take songs that don’t seem like they’d work for a singer/songwriter and reinvent them like this.

  • Cait

    oooh I really like her voice! Thanks for the rec!

  • Of course! So glad you like her music. Love supporting new artists, though I don’t think she’ll need the help!

  • Ha, love this comment! I’ve heard it slowed down a few different ways and it’s SO different. Love this arrangement of it!

  • Of course!