Football is back!

posted on: Monday, August 20, 2012


My weekend was seriously wonderful. Friday night we went to the Panthers pre-season game(football is baaaack!) and enjoyed a mini-date night out. Saturday morning my mom came into town and we got to spend lots of time together just enjoying each other’s company, watching many episodes of New Girl and shopping. Sunday we went to church, relaxed and ran some errands after my mom headed back home. Sundays seem to find us a bit stir crazy if we try to make them too lazy, so we like to hang out around town. It was perfect and this week is super busy so I really appreciate the fact that we had a fun, relaxing weekend. Of course, all I have to show for it is a photo of the football game. Apparently I was too busy enjoying the weekend to capture it on camera. How was your weekend?

  • I had a lovely weekend with my family, happy Monday!

  • My family is heading out of town this afternoon for a week long road trip where one of our stops will be for a pre-season Cowboy game. I can’t wait for a nice relaxing trip!