one day i will own a taylor guitar..

posted on: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Guitar center tonight?” My husband is dreamy. He sent me that text while I was getting ready to come into the office this morning. I wanted to go last week, but it was out of our way. It was pure shock and awe that he remembered that I wanted to go. Of course, I found out later he has to go for work as well, but I’ll take what I can get. A chance to visit my dream guitar(a Taylor 814ce or 614ce) and scope out my next (much more realistic) guitar? Yes, please!

I play on a Yamaha right now, but dream of owning a Taylor someday. That photo up top is the wallpaper on my phone at the moment and It’s motivation to keep on playing, to keep on practicing when that F barre chord seems so out reach(darn you, index finger). When my fingers hurt, when I can’t seem to get a song right, when I don’t feel like picking up my guitar. As Adam said, after laughing at the almost $3,000 price tag of the 814ce the first time we visited that beauty, “I’ll buy you that guitar when you can play reaaaalll nice”. Thanks babe, thanks. That’s all the motivation I need.

  • When I was in California a couple months ago I got to visit the Taylor guitar factory and see how they are made. You also get to play them at the end. It was incredible! Definitely on my dream list. :) Right now I have a Fender I got for my seventeenth birthday my dad spent about 300 on, and it works wonderfully for a first guitar. Its always nice to dream though ;)

  • Um, DREAM! That sounds amazing! Seriously, my kind of toy store. ;) Always nice to dream is right. Mine is a great beginner guitar, but not as easy to play. I played my brother-in-laws Ovation and had a much easier time with a few barre chords, which is my main reason for wanting to upgrade. I also want an acoustic-electric to hopefully be able to start performing in the next year or two. :)

  • Jama Summers

    My husband always wanted a Taylor, and we joked that if I ever got an engagement ring, he’d get a Taylor to be fair..Coincidentally, I saw a 314 LE on eBay a week or two and surprised surprised him. Needless to say, we may upgrade but that guitar will always be around.

  • Mary

    I am the proud owner of several Taylors, ranging from an inexpensive Baby and GS Mini, to a couple of high ends, including a 912c. Fantastic guitars, hold on to the dream and get one when you can. They are worth every penny. Maybe something used? There are deals out there. In the mean time, use a capo up a few frets and learn how to play that F chord. The capo will reduce the string tension to make it a little easier. You might want to move up a couple or 3 frets from the capo, too. When you get the hang of it and build up the muscle strength, start moving the capo back towards the 1st fret, and finally remove the capo entirely. It worked for me! Have fun!

  • My husband dreams of owning a Taylor someday too! Right now he has a Takamine but it’s starting to crack – I think he doesn’t take care of it anymore on purpose because I told him his next guitar can be a Taylor :)

  • That’s amazing, I love it! That guitar means so much now. What a sweet wife you are!

  • I loved the 114 and 214 as well, I’ll keep an eye out for deals on them! I think both of those would make great upgrades and would just get better with time. THANK YOU for the tip on getting that barre chord, I’m going to try that this week and let you know how it goes!! You’re awesome, thank you!

  • Mine is a cheap Yamaha, I feel his pain! His Takamine is probably a lot nicer, though! Taylor’s are so great! Played a few models and I’m in love. Didn’t want to leave them in the store!! :)