Sunday recovery.

posted on: Monday, August 13, 2012







Oh iced coffee and strawberry frosted donuts, how I love you!


Best moment of the day. Sunday afternoon naps.

Before we had even really woken up yesterday, we loaded the dogs into the car and got a half dozen donuts and iced coffee to go. It was the perfect Sunday treat and just what I needed! There’s nothing like good coffee and donuts. Yum! We watched CBS Sunday morning(our favorite Sunday morning program) and went to the late service at church. After working hard on cleaning the house ALL day long Saturday(literally..all…day…long) we quickly decided that we’d do whatever we wanted to do on Sunday and include a lot of rest on that “not-to-do” list. Yes, I’m changing it to a “not-to-do” list. On that list? “Anything.” We were not to do anything. We were to go to church and rest. Minus a side-trip to Costco(the pups have to eat, after all) and a trip to the park to take them on a long walk, we did get to rest. We watched Mean Girls, read, relaxed and also munched on donuts all throughout the day. You see, we decided after burning all those calories cleaning on Saturday, we needed to make up for it with donuts. Seems logical, right? It definitely hit the spot. As I say every Sunday, the weekend went by way too fast but it was wonderful. Hope you had time to rest this weekend and that Monday goes easy on you!

  • Love this! When we were renovating our house in Baton Rouge we would work all day Saturday on DIY house projects then take Sunday off. We’d poor coffee into our mugs and walk up to Mary Lee’s Doughnuts. It was always so quiet and such a relaxing way to start our day. I miss that now.

  • Oh my goodness, that sounds wonderful! I wish we could walk to a donut shop, such a nice way to ease into Sunday morning. I love making Sundays super special and restful!