Random Thursday Thoughts

posted on: Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday’s are great days to post random facts, thoughts, photos. It’s that point of the week where you’ve made it through the middle, but still aren’t quite to the weekend yet. So your brain is basically a jumbled mess of randomness. Is that just me? I needed my afternoon coffee three hours earlier than normal. It’s that sort of day. Not bad at all, much better than Tuesday, just a little tired. So here are some random thoughts on my mind..I warn you, it’s pretty random.

1. I’ve got a hair appointment in a week and I just can’t wait, I tell you. I’m getting my hair highlighted all over again. I’ve finally gotten it back to health, so it only makes sense to make it blonder right? I’m also contemplating bangs again. Not blunt bangs..more like this:



Thank you, Pinterest.

I also realize that it’s strange to be talking about hair so much on a blog post, but here I go anyway.

2. I think our dogs like each other? I’m still trying to figure it out. They play as if they want to rip each others faces off, but they don’t really snap at each other. It’s more like “Hey let’s open our mouths and make our teeth look really scary and pretend to bite each others necks, legs, ears, whatever until we’re too tired to stand”. I think that’s normal? I’ve never had two young dogs, active, big dogs in the same house before. It’s definitely interesting. Then they go and do this…



3. Corporate office building fire alarms are the most obnoxious sounding things ever. Not that I’m complaining because it saves lives, but my ears wanted me to remind you all of this fact. It’s loud, y’all.

4. I never actually look forward to grocery shopping, but I am tonight. I’m on this healthy kick and it’s sticking around this time. It’s just tough when we don’t have much fresh produce, or food in general, in the house, so my veggie intake is altogether way too low. I’m looking forward to actually having real food in the house. On another note, I’m also thankful for the 50% Papa Johns coupon online. Thank you for making sure we ate dinner last night. Okay, so a mostly healthy kick. I’m working on it.

5. Do you ever wonder how tall bloggers are? I do. I’m always surprised it seems when I meet bloggers in real life. How tall do you think I am? You should answer in the comments if you haven’t met me. This is a fun game.

6. Some random facts about me: I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The only time I didn’t live there before college was when we moved to Martha’s Vineyard for three months(we were there when 9/11 happened). We moved back home around Thanksgiving of that year, but I started high school on the island. So I technically had to start freshman year at two different schools. Not the easiest thing to do. After I left for college, during my sophomore year, my mom lived in NYC so technically that was home for a year. I really miss the city.

That’s enough for now, I believe.

Now I’ll pull a Chandler Bing and ask, “Could I BE anymore random?” The answer is no, probably not.

Now, please leave me your random thoughts/facts about yourself in the comments below. I would LOVE to read them. Please & thank you!

  • I get the “you’re a lot taller than I imagined” a lot when I meet other bloggers! It is a fun game to play :)

  • This post was fun (I’m into random… it’s a nice break from the super thought out and structured posts lots of bloggers have). LOVE that hair. Holy moly it makes me want to grow mine out and dye it blonde. And I wonder about blogger heights, too. I’m pretty average (5’8) and have only met one fellow blogger. She was a little shorter than I thought she’d be (I always assume people will be taller than me for some reason!).

  • 5’9″

  • I am 5’2” :)

  • Me too! I think you may be taller than me?

  • Ha, right on the money! Now that I think about it…I may have mentioned that in a recent post. Or you should guess people’s heights for a living.

  • Phew! Glad you’re into random posts. Sometimes my brain works in a very unstructured way and I just have to go with it and hope people don’t think I’m just crazy. ;) I’m just a smidge taller than you. I think 5’8″ is a little above average, actually. You’re tall girl!

  • I think I probably am…I’m 5′ 10″

  • Haha, I guess maybe I am tall! My mom is only 5’2, but the women in my hubby’s family are all very tall (his 10 year old sister is just a little shorter than me, and his 17 year old sister is almost 6′!). I think that’s why I feel like I’m average :)

  • I swear I didn’t read any earlier post regarding your height. Total guess, but thanks for the compliment.

  • That’s awesome! I applaud your skills. :)

  • I would have never guessed you were that tall! I always assume people are my height (5’4″) or shorter, because I don’t have many tall friends. I’d probably never recognize you in public because I’d never look that high! ;)

    Random Fact about Me: I’ll make it height related. I’m the shortest person in my immediate family. Mom is like 5’7″ or 5″, my younger sister was taller than me. My dad is 6’2″ or so. I grew really fast, so I was like one of the taller girls in 6th grade. Then I broke my ankle in 7th grade and the doctor said my growth plates were sealed and I was done growing. I was horrified. But now I kind of feel like people who are taller than me are also more adult than me. I have this strange feeling that they have more authority. Like if my friend who isn’t even 5 feet tall had kids, well, it’d be like playing house because she’s no mommy. She’s so short! At least I’m included in that discrimination. I just laugh when people compliment my responsibility or mommy abilities. Because I’m like, nuh-uh… I’m too short, I can’t be an adult. How do those two things go together?? It doesn’t make sense. But that’s the way my brain works.

  • Joy

    I think you’re 5′ 6″
    My random is I have 2 weddings today