Oh, the library!

posted on: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Lend me your ear for a moment as I wax poetic about the library. You see, Adam and I finally got our Charlotte library cards. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so I got off my tookus and finally looked up the nearest one. I then immediately called Adam and declared we’d be going there on a mini-date Monday evening. I totally beat him to the punch on the free date idea, thank-you-very-much! This really just means we’d have time out of the house, you see, but calling it a “mini-date” makes it all the more fun. We browsed, we looked up books we’d been meaning to read and took time to explore. I really do love the library. It’s so quiet, smells like old books(am I the only one who loves this smell?) and feels comforting to me.

I know many people like the library, but I really felt like the library was a second home growing up. Money was really tight(though I never really knew that) and my mother recently told me that she would take us to the library to get books to feel like we’d been shopping. The thought makes me cry. I just think that’s such a beautiful picture of how important the library is. No one should be denied a good book. Every time we move and wait to join the library, I always wonder what took us so long when we finally do. But, we’re card carrying library members again! Hooray! While I do love my kindle, there’s nothing that beats holding a real book and turning the pages without the click of a button.

  • Amanda m

    i loooooooooooooooove the libary! We had such a great one in NC and it was 1 mile from my house! It made me soo excited. Glad your enjoying yours:)

  • I LOVE the library! I spent so much time there as a child – now that I’m a mom, I try to take Topher at least once a week! He’s still at the age where he’d rather play on the train bench than look at the books, but that’s okay :) I spent two summers working as a student librarian – best job EVER.

  • The library is such a wonderful place! I love this post. :) I am so glad to find your blog! :)

  • One mile?! Oh my word. Sign me up for the cute beach cruiser bike with a basket to ride to the library. In my dream world. ;) What a treasure to have it so close! Love you, friend!

  • Aw, so sweet! I’ll probably spend a ton of time there with my future babes as well. At least I hope so!

    I honestly think being a librarian sounds like the best job ever. You’re hanging out at the library, you get to use that fun zappy thing(I played librarian as a kid and that was my favorite part and you get to help people find books to read. Love it!

  • Aw, thank you Jessica! So glad you liked the post and that you found my blog! Your sweet comments mean so much to me. Have a wonderful day!

  • The library in my hometown was only a couple blocks from my house – one time, some old lady drove her car through the front door and they were closed for a week. I was crushed! I head to the library in my current city at least once a week!