If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This morning was rough. By 11 I was done for. Actually, I was sitting in my darkened hallway(the bulb is out) with two puppies trying to, at once, console me and bite each other’s heads off at the same time. It was silly things, really. Nothing majorly catastrophic happened. Life is good. Just a bunch of little knocks that end up leaving you feeling broken, on the ground, crying. I felt like a rain cloud was literally following me everywhere.

Amongst other things that were already making me feel down, there was a dog that didn’t let me get ten seconds of work in before she cried wolf that she needed to go out(we’re not calling Penny’s bluff on that one as she’s relearning how to be housebroken) and then spent ten minutes doing nothing. In the rain. She did that five more times. She’s a peach, I tell you. Once I looked like a wet dog myself, I dried my hair and tried to put myself together deciding a hot bath would be just the ticket. So I went to start my bath only to have the shower turn on, soaking a good part of my head. The tears came flowing faster than that shower did.

I knew it was stupid. I knew I was seriously pitiful sitting in that hallway. But I cried and felt glad that no one could see me. Because sometimes, friends, you just have to cry like nobody’s watching. They say if you don’t laugh you’ll cry, I just forgot to laugh that time. Whoops!

Side note: Penny Lane really is the sweetest, I just think she liked the rain a lot more than I did today.

  • Awww Katy :( I completely understand..some days it’s just rough. I can’t always pin down a specific reason for my saddness..I guess we could say it’s hormones, or just an attack from the enemy. I used to always kick myself for crying so easily, but now that I’m getting older I think it’s a blessing to cry. It reminds you that you have a heart that is fully funcitoning, that you are connected to. I’m greateful for friends on days like that..even if they are thousands of miles away. Thanks for being there for me today, and for sharring your heart. Xoxo

  • Shower/car crying is the best. You can be as loud as you want!

  • Been there, done that! Ugh, sometimes the days when nothing goes right and all of the little things add up are the worst, because there’s not necessarily a “Reason” we’re down. I agree with Kristin, seems like it’s usually hormones, sleep/food/snuggle deprivation, or Satan trying to keep us from accomplishing Kingdom Work. Hope it gets better for you, friend!!

  • Yes. Oh, car crying? Like therapy in a….car. ;) Sometimes so necessary!

  • Kristin,

    You’re such a sweet friend! It’s true. I was feeling so positive yesterday and that’s when the enemy seems to strike hardest. I don’t think it’s hormones, but can we ever predict those? Ugh, no! Thank you for the beautiful reminder. Such an amazing comment. I appreciate your support! Here if you need anymore encouragement! Just an e-mail away.

  • Absolutely! I hate those days where you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong, makes you feel even guiltier for being sad. Today, I just let myself be sad. I’m definitely feeling better now, thank goodness! Hoping tomorrow is a much better day. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, friend! I appreciate it so much, you definitely helped. :)