Style Inspired.

posted on: Thursday, August 2, 2012

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That time I consistently took pictures of my outfits for a couple months.

I’ve always had this desire to work on my style. It’s definitely lacking lately. I always rely on favorites and don’t always try too much to push outside of that. I have so much fun experimenting with outfits when I have good pieces to work with, but I’m in a rut with my wardrobe. I’ve been feeling a little down on myself. Not saying I need to spend money and shop all the time to feel good about myself, but putting some more time into me and my wardrobe will really help my confidence. Especially in a work environment.

Thanks to having more hours at the office(such a blessing), this desire/need to up my style a bit has grown tremendously. I am most definitely a t-shirt and jeans sort of girl and usually don’t feel put together enough..ever(even when I do try to be put together). Being just about 5’9″, heels always made me feel..well..wobbly and I’m always cold indoors, so skirts are a bit difficult. Oh and I make excuses to not wear things that’ll make me feel good about myself because I may possibly fall down and freeze to death in air conditioning. You see where my issues lie?

Luckily, I work in a place where jeans are typical wear and never really feel out of place, but I never feel completely confident either. I saw this Fossil interview with sweet Sydney of The Daybook and fell in love with her style! I’ve been reading her for quite sometime and I’ve loved seeing how her style has grown. Right now I feel like my wardrobe is difficult to work with and never find anything I really love to wear. She makes casual look more put together than anything I’ve ever worn…and she has a baby. I only have two crazy dogs. I must learn her secrets.

All of this to say, I’ve been inspired. I don’t believe it’s ever too late to make a huge change for the better and I’m determined to work on myself and my style.

Now, I know the world doesn’t need another fashion blog, but I may start sharing some of these outfits and additions to my wardrobe again. Lord knows, I’m a smidge awkward when “modeling”. Especially knowing my neighbors are probably wondering why the heck my husband is taking pictures of me in our backyard…

Well, that’s the gist of that. Have you been inspired to make a change lately? How did you find your own personal style? I find Pinterest to be so helpful. I can clearly see my style unfolding through my Style folder and know what to look for now when shopping. I love it!

  • I think you always look cute, but I am here if you ever need a shopping pal! It happens to be my all time favorite thing ;)

  • You look so cute in everything.

  • Awww, you’re sweet. I just don’t try much anymore. Once spring hit and warm weather arrived, I gave up on style and relied on tanks, t-shirts and jeans. Need to get back to working on myself..and yes we will go shopping!

  • Oh, thank you Shannon!! That’s so sweet of you to say. I appreciate it. :)