Our new addition.

posted on: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Meet…well, for now, we’re calling her “new dog” but we’ll come up with an official name soon. She’s a lab mix, not sure what the mix is at this point. Nola seems to have new sibling syndrome. A hard time sharing her toys, a little unsure of the change, but overall they seem to get along well. It’s funny how animals can become like our kids. I felt a bit guilty at first, the fact that Nola was no longer our only dog. I didn’t have much time to process that fact before we brought her home since we had to make a quick decision(another family was at the shelter to meet her). She had been at the humane society since March and she’s the sweetest thing. Oh, and I’ll be sure to formally introduce her when we know her name. We’re working on it!

  • Amanda

    Aw, she looks so sweet! So nice that you adopted from a shelter and a black dog as well since they are harder to find homes for. :)

  • It’s so true, black dogs are so hard to find homes for. Ours was there since end of February and one of the volunteers told us he thought she’d be gone in a week. It took five months! Poor girl. She’s the sweetest!

  • Amanda

    Well she is going to have an awesome life now. I love the name Penny Lane by the way. I’m a big Beatles fan!