The look of pure joy.

posted on: Thursday, July 26, 2012

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[ via my Instagram ]

Pure joy personified. Sometimes all it takes is an open window and a fast car. At least for that little one.

Goodness, do I love that pup of mine.

  • Such a sweet picture! I hope my little pup gets to this point someday where he likes being in the car. Right now he hates it and it’s so sad when we have to go somewhere.


  • That’s an amazing picture! I laughed out loud :)

  • She was in the car a ton as a little pup and I think that really helped! I think lots of treats in the car and taking him on “fun” errands like a trip to the dog park would help as well. Not that I’m a pro. ;)

  • Joy

    I love that picture! I have a few of the poodle with that face (out the window of course) and its a good day when driving can make a being that happy

  • Awwww, what an adorable dog! So cute :)

  • So cute. :) If only we could be as joyful and in the moment as dogs!

  • Ha, got to love high speed phone cameras. ;)

  • Right? Sometimes I take the long way home so she can have extra window time. Love it!

  • Thank you, Vanessa!

  • That’s so true! If only. ;)