The last week or so via me…and my phone.

posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These past two weeks have been absolutely CRAZY! I’m working more hours with one of my freelance jobs which is fabulous, but I’m exhausted and trying to adjust to a new schedule and new routine. For those new here, I do freelance social media and my main job is with a building in Charlotte. We hosted the biggest event we’ve ever had last week and I now fill in wherever needed. Sometimes that means this…

photo 1-42.JPG

Ice, ice baby.

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I learned one very important lesson for days you know is going to be very long(like 13 hours long), wait to put on your heels right before the event. Not the beginning of the day. That equaled to me finding an empty space to sit and rest my feet in 5 minute increments throughout the night. Question for you girls who were these crazy things daily: do heels every become easier? I certainly felt like I got a good leg workout the following morning.

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This weekend Adam’s parents were in town. My mother-in-law and I joined my father–in-law and Adam while they golfed. The girls read magazines and drove the carts while they played. It’s crazy relaxing just to be outside, take some time to indulge in magazines and be with family. We went to a golf course about thirty minutes away, near mountains. It was a bit of a rugged course which made driving the cart even more fun. We also went shopping over the weekend(still on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt…this one was a smidge too big), went to church, checked out a local brewery and our favorite restaurants here in Charlotte(The Liberty and Cabo Fish Taco). It was wonderful!

Every Summer they take a few weeks for vacation including a trip to a winery in Virginia where my father-in-law plays music each year. Last year they came to see us before heading to Virginia for the winery where we were able to join them for the first time. This year we’re doing it all over again! Friday we head on the most beautiful drive to Virginia with the pup and will enjoy a weekend with his parents. I miss living so close to them, so it’s a joy to have so much time with them at once. Nola will join us as well, which I love!


The vineyard we’re heading too this weekend. I cannot wait!


My mom and Nola at the vineyard last year, my goodness that pup was a little thing!

That’s about it here on the home front. Someday I’ll get used to this new routine and get back to blogging regularly! How do you make time to blog when life gets busy?

  • I don’t blog unless I want to. Life is supposed to be crazy and busy :)

  • Amanda m

    i found a pair of cute black wedges that are sooo comfy! So on my long days I would wear those and at the end of the day my feet weren’t killing me:)