How we spent our 4th of July, 2012.

posted on: Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! A holiday smack in the middle of the week when you have to work the couple days before and after can be a little strange, but we also enjoyed the heck out of it.

It started with sleeping in until 8:30(oh the days when I thought that was getting up early) and, before changing out of our PJ’s, drove to Dunkin Donuts for a morning iced coffee and donuts. Seriously there’s no better combo then donuts and perfectly sweetened iced coffee. At least not in my book.

Then we took Nola to one of our favorite neighborhoods and walked her for a while before it got way too hot to be outside any longer. Luckily, we found a somewhat dried-up creek at that point and convinced her to lay down in the water that was left. She’s still getting more comfortable with getting in water at all, but she’s learning that laying in iced-cold water on a hot day is pretty much the best decision ever.

photo 3-35.JPG
Ignore those casper legs, would you? Thanks! You’re a pal.
photo 2-40.JPG
We came home, I went for a run and then we relaxed for a while. We cooked up some hotdogs and fries for lunch and were utterly and completely lazy for most of the day. We didn’t have any set plans so we decided, around 6:30, to head to a movie. We were risking missing fireworks, but went for it anyway.
We ended up seeing the new Spiderman movie in 3D. I loved it! I just adore Emma Stone.
Right after the movie, we hightailed it hearing the fireworks in the air. I absolutely love fireworks. Adam, having lived within 30 minutes of theme park fireworks his whole life, is pretty jaded about them. Luckily, he loves me and helped quickly find a space to park for a good view.
As we turned the radio on, we realized they were playing a set of music to go with the fireworks that included speeches by former presidents, the radio feed from the first moon landing, etc. I have to admit, after leaving an epic movie and immediately hearing epic American speeches and music, I felt like I was in a movie myself. It made the fireworks even more exciting.


Red, white & blue.


After driving to a parking garage with no view of the fireworks, we found the perfect spot. We caught five minutes of an amazing view of Uptown Charlotte’s fireworks display…..with 40+ of our newest friends.



See how dirty my back window is? We can all thank Nola’s wet nose for that one.

All-in-all a fantastic 4th of July. I hope yours was wonderful as well!