Weekend Detox.

posted on: Friday, June 22, 2012


Photo taken on our way to Virginia last Summer.

This weekend I vow to find a little more of myself again.

I vow to READ, to write, to journal.

I vow to get outside and not complain(that much) about this darn heat.

I vow to put away my computer. I vow to get out of this blogging funk that has been clogging up my mind and preventing words from leaving my head.

I vow to breathe deep, to sleep in, to relax and to eat pancakes.

I vow to not straighten my hair.

I vow to play my guitar everyday and start learning a new song or two.

I vow to detox from most technology(I heart twitter/instagram too much) and it’ll be absolutely wonderful.

So, friends, I encourage you to put that technology away for just a little bit. Enjoy it, take it in, it’s the first weekend of Summer. It’s also our first weekend home in over a month and we plan on enjoying it thoroughly! See you on Monday!

  • I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Cathy

    Must eat pancakes–yes:) and journal a must!

  • Hi Katy Love. In honor of your reminder, I turned off – not just turned volume off – turned off my phone. (Irony is I’m back on computer sharing this with you, but now, I am unplugging:-) God bless you!