Weekend Cravings.

posted on: Friday, June 8, 2012



Weekend cravings* have been missing for while. Let’s remedy that, shall we? I’m bringing them back. I love sharing my weekend plans, it helps me from being lazy too much and fitting in all sorts of fun things. Why waste a good weekend?

Our weekends lately are a bit crazy and we won’t have a chill weekend for a few weeks, but they will still be fun weekends and for that, I am grateful.

This weekend? Let’s see…

This weekend, I’m craving:

  • A voice lesson! I’ll be meeting and working with a voice coach in Asheville. I’m SO excited to start working at this. I have so much to learn and definitely need to/want to work on strengthening my voice. I never want to settle with bad habits that will only hurt my voice in the long run. I’m really excited to get to work! Really, very excited.
  • Mountain time. As if we didn’t get enough mountains this past weekend(see photos) we’re heading to my mom & step-dad’s place about 90 minutes north of Asheville, since we’ll already be half-way there for my lesson.
  • A brewery visit. While in Asheville, we hope to find lunch and a drink at a delicious local brewery. We’re fans of good, craft brews and love hanging out at local breweries. It’s a great way to meet people.
  • Letting Nola off-leash on the mountain. It’s the one place we feel comfortable doing it, other than a dog park. She’s actually pretty great and hangs around us the whole time. We also take the 4-wheeler around and let her chase us. It’s the perfect way to wear her out quickly.
  • Turning off my phone for a bit and just relaxing..and wherever else the weekend takes us.

..and that, my friends, is that. Happy weekend to you!

Katy Loves

* “Weekend cravings” is a weekly series. Every Friday, I’ll leave my little list here, setting happy intentions for my weekend. Feel free to post your own list on your blog and leave your link in the comments or feel free to leave your list right here instead. I’d love to read your own weekend cravings!

  • Sounds like an amazing weekend you have planned! Enjoy unplugging for a bit, hanging with your dog and the voice lesson. This weekend I need to plan my upcoming mini-trip to London and begin packing up my room. Fun and sad. :)