Colorado, you stole my heart.

posted on: Thursday, June 7, 2012





We stalk rock climbers. No big deal.





So, we’re back from Colorado. I’ll be sharing plenty of pictures in the next few days with over 200 to scroll through. Denver is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in the United States. My breath? Taken away from me almost the entire time..literally and figuratively. Hey, I was born less than 10 feet above sea level. I thought we had mountains in North Carolina, and we do, but these are MOUNTAINS. I mean snow-capped-in-June, mountains. I mean, that photo? Just right out of our hotel room window the night we got there. Mountains are my favorite.

We had an evening and a day of “official” vacation time(we were there for a conference) and we soaked up every minute of it to the point of absolute exhaustion. We drove over 700 miles in the rental car in the span of 48 hours. We rallied. We enjoyed the most amazing food, a few of Colorado’s best breweries and delicious coffee. I cannot describe to you how much we needed this and how much this motivated me more to pay off our moving debt so we can actually plan a few vacations a year. It showed me just how much we need that time away to talk, to laugh, to feel free to explore and get out of town. That time to get away to a place where no one knows you and you can be free to enjoy yourself. Free to relax. It was the happiest I’ve felt in a very long time and I can’t wait for the next adventure!

  • Those rock climbers are crazy!!!

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado!

  • Colorado is such a special place. So glad you enjoyed it and saw so much of its beauty!

  • amanda

    im glad u liked colarado! I do love it too! They have alot of gf food toooo!