Hello, Denver!

posted on: Saturday, June 2, 2012

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I’m in Denver! Adam and I decided to turn a work trip into a little vacation time and booked our flights two days before a conference we’re attending in Boulder. Well, he got a free ticket but I flew standby(my dad worked for an airline and it saves money). So I am now on hour three of being in the Denver airport, but it will all be worth it in 2 1/2 short hours to be able to greet my love at his gate and enjoy some time together. This is pretty much our first vacation in three years and I cannot describe how excited I am for it. Even if it is only technically lasting 36 hours…I’ll take it!

I woke up at 4 A.M. east coast time and had to grab a 6 A.M. flight to guarantee I would make it to Denver before Adam. His flight ended up getting delayed 45 minutes and it stressed me out at first, but then a lady sat down next to me and we started talking. I found out she was from Breckenridge and got some advice on local Denver places. She gave me a great list and then helped me plan the perfect date night.

Our conversation ended just like this:

Lady: “So you get yourself some tapas and drinks, walk on over to that amazing little ice cream shop and enjoy. They also play music around there so you can listen to some music and dance with your husband…..and then tell him you love him.”

I don’t know why, but something about how she said that warmed my heart. It erased any stress about Adam’s flight being delayed and helped me to stay in the present and enjoy right where I am, right now, because come Wednesday morning, I’m going to wish I was right back here at the start of our little, much-needed vacation.

  • Enjoy the time with your husband :)

  • Girl! You are going to love Denver (sorry the weather is terrible today). My suggestions: breakfast at Snooze, visit Great Divide or Denver Beer Co for some local beer, and definitely, definitely ice cream at Sweet Action. Don’t let the crowd scare you off! The wait is totally worth it. Also, visit Washington Park (when it’s not storming) and definitely get out and do some hiking. Flatirons & Chautauqua in Boulder are amazing places to hike. I also just hiked at Eldorado Canyon State Park and loved it. Enjoy your time in the Centennial State!

  • Denver is so pretty! Have a fun vacation.

  • Just revisiting old posts and had to respond to this one! Not sure if I ever e-mailed you about our trip, but we made it to Great Divide and Denver Beer Co. as well as Sweet Action! That was such a fun trip, I wish we had more than a day to explore Denver. I could have stayed a whole week!! I want to go back, like, yesterday.