Introducing: Nonsense Things.

posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2012



Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog. Nonsense Things probably can best be described as a family oriented lifestyle blog. I tend to go on about my husbands strange antics and my sons cute behavior but I also blog about all the random crazy things that go on in this head of mine. Sometimes there’s crafts, sometimes reviews, and sometimes I just ramble!

What made you want to start writing a blog? I can’t actually remember a time when I DIDN’T have a blog of some sort. When I was a kid I was always journaling and writing and then the great big internet entered my life. I’ve had a few blogs in between then and now that focused on different subjects and genres but I wanted a blog that I could combine all the different parts of myself into and that is how Nonsense Things came into being. I just love to write even if it’s nothing special and has no particular subject matter. Blogging allows me to do that.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? There are seriously so many that I enjoy reading that it’s hard to choose just a few. Some of my longest reads have been Sometimes Sweet, The Wiegands & The Paper Mama

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