Blog Book Tour: Dream Big.

posted on: Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, I want to introduce you to a sweet friend of mine. Her name is Heather and she’s amazing. She recently wrote a book entitled “Dream Big” and she was kind enough to send me a free copy and I wanted to review it for you all. Considering I’m a big dreamer and am currently working, planning and setting goals for a big dream of mine, this book was perfect for me.


It’s a 30-day devotional that I’m currently still going through, but I can tell you with certainty that if you’re seeking God’s plan for your life or are currently curating a big dream He has placed in your heart, you will love this devotional. Each day is a word of encouragement, seeing how God made us and the love He has for us, and taking us through His word to see what He says about our dreams. It begins as a study on God’s dreams for the world, God’s dreams for us and moves onto how we can discover our own dreams.

I recently realized that I am almost never sitting in silence. In a world where it can be so hard to hear God’s voice, it can be tough to know His dreams and plans for you. This devotional will help you Grow in your faith and help you to seek Him and those dreams He has planned for your life.

As a public speaker and author, Heather is incredibly blessed with a gift of words. Her writing is wonderful and just flows off the page. I’ll be honest, I don’t do well with staying consistent in devotionals, but I read through each page easily. She’s engaging and uses real-life stories of how God shows His love for us in our everyday lives. She has a genuine voice and writes as if you’re talking to a friend. I love that. I need that.

Each daily reading is followed with questions that are meant for you to reflect on what you just read. I love journaling and I highly recommend you journal through these questions or at least take time to work your way through them.

While devotionals are very personal, I think everyone will be able to get something out of this one! I’m going to do another write-up after I’ve completed thirty days and tell you about my experience through that month of reflecting through “Dream Big”.

Here’s the book trailer. Inspiring, isn’t she?

I hope you’ll pick up her book! I truly believe it’s going to bless so many people.

Today, she’s offering 10% off for readers just for using the code: HEATHER . She also wants to give one reader a free copy!

To win a free copy of “Dream Big”, leave a comment about a big dream you have currently or have had before that you’ve seen come true. This can be any sort of big dream!

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  • oh my goodness this is so awesome! i am sort of where you are, katy – just planning, praying, and dreaming about the plans God has for me. i’ve always wanted to work from home being a writer or creator of some kind. i’m not sure exactly what that entails. i know that’s vague – but i know that i love to laugh, i love to bring joy to other people, and i love being creative. those are the things God has placed on my heart – and i’m not totally sure how to make them my own reality. thanks for sharing her story and book!

  • Sara Burg

    I would love to win this book, it sounds exactly like what I should be reading. My dream is to inspire others to run and start my own coaching business. I’m working on building the website now.

  • That’s amazing, Sara! You can do it. I have full faith! P.S. Be sure to enter in the post in the Rafflecopter widget. ;) I want to make sure you get your entries in!

  • Sara Burg

    Thanks, Katy for letting me know!

  • writing my own book!
    currently compiling for entry into a book pub writing contest – yikes!
    due in a month!!
    thx for this encouraging post.. will be tweeting etc..

  • Jes

    That book sounds fantastic!

    A dream that I had years ago was to get my PhD. Today I am handing in my 520 page dissertation to my adviser, and I plan to graduate in August. It has not been an easy journey at all, but it has been well worth it!

    A dream I have for the future is to write and illustrate a children’s book. If you asked me when I was a little girl what I was going to be when I grew up, I always said a children’s book writer and illustrator. I have not given up on that dream.

  • I have so many dreams, I don’t know where to start. One is to write a book for women who have lost their mother as a teen or early adult.

  • Jeana

    I have so many dreams that I have given up. This book would be a Godsend to kick my booty back into my life and back into gear.

  • Missy G.

    Right now, my main dream is to be a mother. I’m so focused on that dream at this point in my life that it makes it difficult to sometimes attend family functions, have conversations with coworkers, or even participate in church without crying. I don’t know when or if that will ever happen, so I am praying and digging if it is in my heart to sponsor a child instead.

  • This book sounds really great. Devotionals are such a great way to really make yourself sit down and make time for God everyday..which I know can be hard to do everyday. My big dream was always being successful in the music business with singing and writting songs. Now I just really want to do whatever God has in store for me..wether it be through music or another outlet. I have an etsy shop where I’m also allowed to be creative and recently I’ve learned that the things I make with my hands are alot like seeds God is planting for whatever reason in other people’s lives. So whatever his plan is for me I’m excited for what the future holds. Great post Katy! :D Wishing all of you ladies blessings and much success xoxo

  • Meaghan

    I dream of applying to and getting into a Master’s program for clinical psychology…I dream of it being in California, North Carolina or Tennessee! I dream of being a well-respected marriage and family counselor. The state I work in doesn’t mean as much to me as my job itself and the feeling of help. As long as I have My Man (Mikey) by my side, all my dreams can come true..and all have the potential to do so in an amazing way!! :0) <3

  • Angela

    I do believe God has huge plans for my life! I am not sure what they are yet…and sometimes it is really frustrating to wait on Him. But I know it will be worthwhile once it all comes together and I know that I am doing his will. :) My personal dream is to work for a children’s hospital one day. I would love it. We will see what God’s plans are though, I know they will be better than anything I could plan myself!

  • Angela

    ps: I left the wrong twitter name on there…does that matter? It’s an underscore inbetween instead of a dot. Just FYI :)

  • Angela

    I also tweeted this! Do I leave a comment for each of the things I did? Because I did them all…

  • Stephanie Donnelly

    My biggest dream is to quit my job as a school media specialist and stay home with my two year old daughter. It will involve selling our current home of four years and finding something more affordable. Unfortunately, the housing market here is terrible! I keep praying for a miracle so that I don’t have to leave my daughter crying for me every morning.