Let’s Go. { Madi Diaz }

posted on: Sunday, May 13, 2012


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Recently, I found Madi Diaz and her music. I love discovering new singer/songwriters. It’s incredibly inspiring to me. I’ve had her album on repeat lately, so I thought I would share some songs of hers for a relaxing Sunday evening.

Right now we’re enjoying some Lost(I had never watched it before this year) before we make dinner on this rainy evening here in Charlotte. It’s been a busier-than-normal type of weekend, so today we took it much easier. Yesterday I woke up early to run a 5k with a Girls On The Run girl from our group, attended the wedding of a neighbor, watched Empire Records for the first time since high school, slept in this morning and drove around looking for a possible future neighborhood to move to. I’ve loved every minute of it and I’m off to enjoy the rest of it.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday evening!

  • jennifer

    Madi Diaz is simply amazing, she’s really great and talented… Keep it up.