Starting now.

posted on: Thursday, May 10, 2012


{ Photo from back home in Florida by Krista Marie Photography. August of 2009. }

I’ve hit a stumbling block in my writing on this here blog. I keep finding the need to run over here and quickly apologize for my lack of words and run-on sentences, but then I hesitate and stop myself. Burning out from writing can happen when you force yourself to write a certain number of times a week and I’m trying not to do that so much. Trying to just let the words come to me naturally.

I love blogging, I love sharing, I love writing but lately my head has been up in the clouds and I can’t seem to get it down back to Earth. I shared this on twitter yesterday and asked if anyone had ever been there. It was then that the lovely Heather reminded me that this is why we blog. We blog because we need to relate to others and others need to relate to us. We need to share our lives. Sometimes I find my life so boring or so in my head that it’s hard to get it out there and I shy away from writing when really, that’s what and when I should be writing.

I want my life to be one of creativity, beauty, music, life. I realize now that I am the one that needs to cultivate that. Sitting around waiting for it to happen won’t conjure up a magical life. No it won’t. It’s okay to write about what we’re truly feeling and where we are right now. The hardest part for me, lately, is working right now to get to where I see myself in five years. Where I want to be, who I want to be. I want to be in that vision in my head but I can’t, I must work at it and live in the present to become the future self I see and that, honestly, can be frustrating.

That’s the realization I’ve been coming to and that’s what I needed to realize. Hesitating to start creating the life I want won’t change anything, It’ll only lead to me sitting in this spot, a year from now, wondering why I didn’t start now.

So here I am, starting now. I hope to use this space more as a means to cultivate this creative life I dream of. To post inspiring things, share more of my heart and my music. To share my life. I just need to first be sure that i’m truly living it well and I’m working on that first and foremost.

Thank you for listening to my random ramblings on here, that’s just a hint of what has been swirling in my head lately and I’m so glad that I can share that with you all.

So now, please tell me, what’s going on with you?

  • i feel like you and i are similar in the sense that you have to admit when you’re in a rut, and just do what makes you happy. don’t do what you THINK you have to do – especially when it’s in a completely creative forum. YOU GO GIRL. i can’t wait to see what creativity you dream up :)

  • I’m glad you didn’t do one of those apology posts. Theres no need to apologize! Just take a breath :)
    I can get so caught up in the future that I worry the day away. And I just can’t focus on the “now”. Thats always been hard for me, but like you said, its our responsibility. We cultivate it. Love that! Keep your head up!

  • I love this. There’s something about starting over and chasing dreams that just excites me. I’ve definitely done more than my fair share of redefining my life on the blog, and I don’t regret a bit of it. Excited to see what kind of amazing stuff is to come here! :)

  • Good for you! I think your blog is filled with inspiring posts and i always enjoy your posts and love the photos you put up. It’s hard to try to live in the day to day while simultaneously focusing on your goals for the future; i feel like it’s definitely a constant work in progress. Keep going! I’m excited to hear your singing. (insert some corny line about singing and life….here). Have a wonderful Friday!

  • Thank you so much, Molly. I find I get stuck when I try to do what is expected of me, not what I think is right for me. Sometimes they align and other times I have to forge my own path. The one that is right for me. Thank you for your encouragement!

  • Ha, absolutely! It was like a reflex I had to purposefully stop myself from doing. It’s a pet peeve of mine when bloggers apologize. I’d rather bloggers take a step back and not force things, you know? I have written “sorry”, “I apologize” a few times and have had to go back and delete it. We’re human, we need a break and a breath.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Hannah! I appreciate it so much.

  • Ah, thank you Lindsay! I’m excited too. I had no idea I’d be starting fresh and starting over(sort of) on the blog and working in changes from now on, but it’s necessary for me. I’m hitting a growth spurt of sorts and the blog will be growing with me!

  • Oh, thank you Christine! I’m working on getting some videos together hopefully by this summer! I feel a bit silly singing along to the karaoke version of songs on YouTube. I’d love to be able to sing and play guitar on a video soon! We shall see. It’s going to be nerve-wrecking to share it for the first time!

    Thank you for being an encouragement as I continue writing on this blog. So glad you enjoy my posts! Those comments mean the world to me!