Kentucky Morning.

posted on: Friday, May 4, 2012


One of the ladies’ ideas of a security system.







Yesterday I picked my mother-in-law up from the airport and we drove the seven hours to rural Kentucky to meet up with my mother and her two friends. It’s a ladies weekend, for sure. I love being out in the country. Something about the gorgeous, large expanses of land that forces you to relax just a little bit more. The lack of cable and shaky internet helps with that as well. I’m so thankful to be here.

Today we’ll be exploring Lexington a bit for shopping, eating and general exploring. I’m looking forward to discovering more of a place I only once passed through when I was twelve.

Tomorrow is the derby and I will be sporting my best dress and largest hat I own. Tonight we’ll be decorating our hats and yucking them up in the classiest of Derby fashions, of course. Now, I’m off to enjoy the day and will be snapping photos of it all!

Happy Friday to you all!

Katy Loves

  • I’m jealous! Going to the Kentucky Derby is definitely on my life-to-do list :) Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your derby attire girl!

  • I absolutely love, love, love all the green nature pictures you’ve taken! I can’t wait to see the Derby hat and dress.

  • Jenny

    Kentucky is beautiful. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful state! My grandma used to wedge a chair under the door knob before we went to bed too! :-)