Off to the races.

posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

A few photos from this past week.


Charlotte Sunset.


At the dentist to get a filling. Thank goodness for Pandora.


Nola resting on my lap. So sweet.

So, I haven’t mentioned one fun little fact for you all: I’m going to the Kentucky Derby next weekend. Oh yes, my big hat and all. My mom’s been planning a trip with her friends for a while and happily invited me along for the ride. We even got my mother-in-law to join in on the festivities. I cannot wait. We’re staying in a quaint house with a lovely deck in the backyard. I will be bringing my notebook, pen and trusty ol’ guitar along for the ride. I’m thrilled the house does not have cable. I’m hoping to disconnect, read and soak in a creative bubble bath. Figuratively..or maybe literally..if there’s a tub.

For those you familiar with Lexington and have any recommendations for our time there, I would just love it! Please & thank you.

For this weekend, Adam and I are heading up to the mountains to take advantage of some disconnect, hiking, great weather and downtime. We desperately need some of those things.

What are you craving for your weekend?

Katy Loves

  • Fun! Have a fabulous time and enjoy a mint julep (or two).

    I’ll be relaxing – going to the farmers market, watching movies, going for walks, etc.

  • Have fun at the Kentucky Derby next weekend, sounds like an amazing experience! This weekend I’m craving some time spent reading, walking and cleaning. Just little things to get my life back in order before an onslaught of work next week (which, thankfully, I’m looking forwards to!).