Thankful for..

posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012



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This week I’m thankful for…

My husband. Even when we have our tense moments, we can work it out and not go to bed angry. Grateful for that. I love him!

My new obsession with learning guitar. Turns out when you push passed the point of wanting to quit, it’s amazing. I don’t want to stop and I can’t wait to start writing songs again.

Nola. She’s such a beautiful pup and brings tons of joy into our lives.

Our small group at church. We’ve only been meeting with them for a couple months now, but I just love the people in our group. I can see friendships forming that will last a long time. So blessed!

Finding doctors we love here in Charlotte. I was so nervous to start building our list of doctors here in Charlotte. We’ve had bad experiences, so it can be daunting. So far I’ve found a wonderful physician, eye doctor and dentist. I met with the dentist today and him, along with the staff are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. Reminds me of my dentist back home who was actually a family friend. So comforting that I don’t mind having to go in for a filling in a couple of weeks.

This weather. Summer has reverted back to Spring and how it actually should be. 60-70 degree days? Perfect. This is what I love. The bugs have been hiding and the sun has been shining.

Farmer’s market season. Enough said.

The weekend. It’s here. Thank goodness it’s here!

  • those are all awesome things to be thankful for, especially the mr., the pup and the markets. :)

  • Beautiful post! So important to remember what we are thankful for and it sounds like some great things. I completely understand about the importance of finding good doctors, when you find ones you like it becomes so much easier to be proactive and take care of yourself :)

  • i would love to know which dentist this is! (haha crazy, i know) we’ve been trying to find a great one here who doesn’t wanna throw you a crazy sales pitch or come in 4x a year – it’s happened, trust me!

  • Oh yes! :) Had a great time this weekend and got some goodies at the market.

  • Yes, absolutely! It’s good to have a list of set doctors where you live. Helps complete the package and is making us feel a bit more settled here!

  • Sent!

  • The best thing you can do to find new doctors is to ask people you know or work with! At least that’s what I find the most helpful when I move! PS – new follower! xoxo

  • Just found your blog through Casey’s! :) Beautiful!!

  • Thank you so much, Carrie! You’re so sweet. Glad you found my blog!