Chili Man.

posted on: Thursday, April 12, 2012


Back in the day I was a food blogger. It’s what I talked about in every post. Food. I got a bit burnt out on it, which is understandable when you consider that I took photos of everything I ate..and made people wait to eat their food so I could snap a photo of it. Some people do this very well, I’m not one of those people. I also used to review restaurants, which was definitely a ton of fun. I’ve missed that part of food blogging, so I’ve decided to start featuring some foodie spots here in Charlotte. We get comfortable with places we try and tend to go to the same places repeatedly, this is a way to get us to try new restaurants and to help us branch out more. Charlotte is chock full of amazing local places to eat, so I’m really looking forward to highlighting some of them here.

First up? One of my favorites. We call him, Chili Man. Okay, he really just calls himself that but I can’t resist. His name is Vic, but to me he is only Chili Man. I usually have the urge to call him “Chilllaaayyyy maaannnn!” but I reign myself in a bit for everyone in Uptown’s sake.

DSC_8285 DSC_8294




It all started a few weeks ago when Adam and I were wondering where to get lunch. I’ve been on a healthy eating kick lately, just trying to reign in the junk food, so in my head I was going somewhere for a salad. Adam had to have some hotdogs, so we lined up at the cart. I was not really in a hot dog mood, so I just waited with him. Then it was his turn to order and he made the brilliant choice to let Chili Man choose what kind of hot dogs he would be eating for lunch. If you’re not picky, please have him pick one or two for you, it’s definitely the smart choice. The one that sticks out in my head was the “Naco Dog”. Let’s just say he had me when he toasted some shredded cheese on the grill.

Toasted cheese is one of my favorite things. Ever. When I make a grilled cheese, I purposefully leave some cheese hanging on the edge to crisp it up, I just love it. At that point, it was over. I ordered two for myself and we brought them back to the office to devour them, they were amazing. Along with the Naco dog, I also had a “Q Dog” which is topped with his own homemade bbq sauce, coleslaw and chopped red onion. I loved that one even more than the Naco.

These hotdogs are some of the best quality hot dogs I’ve ever had. You could tell a huge difference compared to the kind you buy at the store. He makes every topping from scratch and you can tell he truly cares about his customers and what he does everyday. He has a passion for food and I want to support people like that. People doing what they love. It makes a huge difference in the food and the overall experience.

If you find yourself in Uptown during the week around lunchtime, please go visit Chili Man and be sure to tell him Katy sent you!

Who: Chili Man.

Prices: $

What To Get: Have him choose one for you! I also highly recommend the Naco and “Q” dogs.

Where: On the corner of S.Tryon right in front of the Bank of America building in Uptown Charlotte.

When you should go: Yesterday.

  • yes yes yes!
    i like your review style, my lady. I have a feeling I will be coming to your blog to help me plan future trips to Charlotte [and perhaps we can hot dog it up together ;) ]

  • Oh yay! So glad you like it!

    P.S. You should definitely plan a trip to Charlotte!! I would looove that!

  • Meaghan

    So what I’m hearing is that Mike and I need to visit y’all sometime! ;) <3 ya

  • Um, yes please! Anytime. :)