So completely myself.

posted on: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

( Photo of me circa 2008 and my then not-so-used guitar. Thankfully I’m using it much more these days. )

When I sit and think about what I love about my favorite people, (which isn’t often, but something I’ve been thinking of a bit more than normal lately) I try to figure out what it is that I love about them. I don’t know why I think about that so much, but I do. Maybe if it’s someone I admire who does something I aspire to do, it’s a way to make sure I like them for the right reasons. If I find myself envying what they have, that’s not a good thing. I have to stop comparing and move on. A heart-check if you will.

Strange to think of it that much? Probably. But I’m a thinker, it’s what I do and most likely the reason for my recent difficulties falling asleep. I do my best thinking at night, you see.

I was recently thinking of what it is that I love about my favorite bloggers, musicians, my favorite people in general and there’s a common theme with all of them. They are SO completely them in everything they do. Their clothes, their style, their passions, their homes, their interests. They all make sense. They all create a package that is so completely them in every single thing they do. I gravitate to that. Not sure why. Perhaps because it’s authenticity at it’s finest.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve just turned twenty-five and while I don’t feel like I’m in “quarter-life crisis” mode, I’m at a very interesting turning point in my life. I can feel it happening and it’s so exciting. But, I’m still finding myself a bit along the way and learning to be fearless in that. Finding things I like because I like them, not because it’s what someone else does or likes, but because I like it. Trusting my instincts more and saying what I want to say and what I feel without being afraid of being judged. Screaming my big dreams to the world and sharing what I have to offer, knowing I’m going to get good and bad criticism.

People who are themselves without fear, those are the ones to look up to because they’re the ones going places, the ones changing the world and they’re the ones who make things happen. I truly believe that.

This blog is hitting a growth spurt right now. I’m trying to be less concerned with a certain number of posts a week and more concerned with quality posts. I’ll continue post little things I’m loving, more music for sure and more about me, my dreams and passions. This blog is going to become much more me than ever before. I’m on a journey to start fighting for and following my dreams of having a career in music and I promise to share more about that soon. I’m still pursuing my own business as well, that’s not going anywhere. But this big dream of mine is something that’ll be a work in progress for a long time and that’s okay.

I usually wouldn’t share too much about my dream of being a singer/songwriter, but why not? What is there to fear? I get afraid to say anything in fear that I will let other people down, but I find the more vocal we are about what we want, the bigger the chance we’ll achieve those dreams, those goals.

Being so completely ourselves that people take notice. Going against the grain, not being afraid to say what they feel and be who they are, and following dreams without fear. That’s what I take from those favorites of mine and I think that’s the best reason to like someone, because they are who they are. I absolutely love that and that’s who I chose to become. Me.

P.S. If you’re a dreamer, like me, please check out this post by my friend Carrie and her “Dream Project”! I plan on participating and hope you will too!

  • I didn’t even know singing/song writing was something you’re interested in! Definitely excited to see where this takes you!

  • Thanks so much Becky! I don’t talk about it much, but I’m trying to be more open with where I’d like to go and what my goals are in life. :) Hopefully it helps someone else share there dreams as well!

  • I completely agree with you on admiring people who are just totally themselves. I think a lot of it has to do with knowing what they’re passionate about. I think the enthusiasm for that just shines through every aspect of your life.
    And I think you should definitely follow your dream of singing/ songwriting! If not now, when will you make time for it? Go get it. Maybe post a video of you singing on here?
    Happy Thursday!