Crazy days.

posted on: Friday, April 6, 2012

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I love Forever 21.

I took a few unplanned days off from the blog. My sister was in town, so I wanted to focus on hanging out with her while she was here. We had a belated birthday lunch for me, watched Smash reruns and went shopping. Pretty much a perfect day!

Yesterday I had to call the cops for the first time in my life which will definitely do you in for the day. Long story short: creepy dressed man(wearing disposable jumpsuit over his clothes) rolling my garbage from the front yard back to the side of the house AFTER dumping something sketchy and covered in bugs in there. Nice of them, huh? I had a panic attack and called the cops. I didn’t want it to know, worst-case-scenario type stuff.

Luckily, it was nothing bad and the cop was really nice and reassured me of how safe our neighborhood really is, but that pretty much had me working like a leaky faucet the rest of the day. What Mr.Traffic-directing officer? I can’t turn left even though you’re letting tons of other cars go in that direction? Well, let me just burst into tears as if it was the worst thing to happen to me….ever. Yeah, it was one of those days. You know those days. So, pretty much anything I had on my mind to write flew out the window. I could barely focus on anything but work. My nerves were completely shot.

We were going to head to church last night for a special service since it’s Easter weekend, but Adam had a crazy week and I had an exhausting day so we decided, since we’re going out of town this weekend, that a break would be good for us. We rested a bit, watched a couple episodes of Lost and I got the kitchen cleaned. Good night.

Tonight we head to the mountains for Easter weekend and to celebrate Nola’s first birthday on Sunday! My pup is already a year old. Can we just go back to when she was teeny-tiny? Sigh..