Work & Play.

posted on: Monday, April 2, 2012

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No, Nola wasn’t in trouble for saying a curse word. She chose this snack. Blech. of course I had to take one cute picture before throwing the soap away.

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Oh, you know, just vegging out in front of the t.v.

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Costco sized coffee for two of us and Starbucks caramel flavored syrup. Yum. Just a bottle full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

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Sunday afternoon happiness.

This weekend included a mix of work & play. Friday night, thanks to Adam’s job, we got to attend the Bobcat’s game and got to spend the first quarter ON the court. Which was both intimidating and exciting all at the same time. I compared it to swimming with dolphins. Wait, just hear me out..

See, when I first the chance to swim with dolphins I was SO excited. They were my favorite and it had always been a dream of mine to get that chance. Well, the second I got in the water I was so stinking intimidated. Those suckers are HUGE! But it was also exciting. See, same thing here. Large men, large dolphins.

Okay, moving along..

Saturday we ran a ton of errands and I also went shopping a bit for my birthday. Old Navy rocks my world. The best tank tops, jeans and vintage-style v-neck t-shirts right now. Already planning a trip back to pick up more spring/summer staples. We raced home after a Target trip for an awards event Saturday night that Adam and his boss were both nominated for. The husband didn’t win, but his boss did! Yay! It was a bit of work too, since I run their social media. But, great food and time with Adam and I’m not complaining!

We didn’t relax as much as I would have liked to on Sunday, but considering we got the house cleaned, organized and filled two bags worth of clothes to donate, I feel pretty darn refreshed. We were bit with the spring cleaning bug big time on Sunday afternoon, after church and a few more errands. We worked until 8:30 last night cleaning and organizing. I focused on updating my wardrobe for my birthday gifts, so it was good to clear out things I’m not wearing anymore. I’m trying to be more discerning and less sentimental and keeping only things I absolutely love. I did have a huge realization that I really have NO reason to utter those five little words I often say in front of a closet full of clothes, “I have nothing to wear.” Oh yes you do girlfriend, yes you do.

  • I find that I Have plenty to wear, but not necessarily the right or enough combinations for work or casual wear. Just a mish mash. Someday when I win the lotto… ;)

  • I’m starting to figure out the trick. I love sweaters, so I bought a few basic tanks that go well with them, since office buildings are pretty chilly. I was hanging up some of my clothes and noticed a few things that work really well together, but wouldn’t normally think to put together so pulling down things and playing around with laying out outfits on the bed really seems to help as well.

    It’s hard to think out of the box with pairing things together, but it gets easier. That’s why I usually shop a whole outfit and so I know at least one outfit works with each piece I buy.I also try to buy pieces that are comfortable and that I could wear with jeans or shorts on the bottom or dressed with nice pants and heels and investing in staples(not that they need to cost $$, most of my clothing items are under $30..I’m not a big spender.)

  • yes, that’s a good point. In the last year, I’ve thought more and more about just splurging for an entire outfit rather than just one piece because I think that’s all I can afford. In the end, if I can’t pair that top with anything, that’s even less affordable than an entire outfit would have been.

    I also love the idea of work appropriate, but cute/fun dresses because the dress is the entire outfit and doesn’t require a lot of thought other than a cardigan maybe and some heels/flats.

  • Sounds like a busy, but also fun weekend Katy :D I had a little giggle when I saw the pic of Nola with the the things they eat sometimes :D Was she blowing bubbles after that?
    I’m glad you got to do some shopping and that you picked up some new stuff for your birthdays. Nothing better then picking out your own birthday presents. Happy Monday xo