Some things on my mind.

posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012


Feeling scatter-brained today, so I’m going with it. Here are a few random things going on lately. Very random.

Adam and I got to see the Hunger Games last night. I won us tickets to an advanced screening. As a huge fan of the book, I loved it! If you’re a fan, you will not be disappointed. So many things were conveyed just as I pictured them in my head. If you have not yet read the books, don’t be afraid to see it! You won’t feel lost. Still, I highly recommend you read the books if you haven’t. SO GOOD!

They are filming “The Bachelorette” in Charlotte. Emily Maynard actually goes to our church, I’m secretly hoping she brings a date to a service one morning. Wishful thinking? She did, however, scale a museum wall downtown on Tuesday night. We drove by the filming on our way home from an event, but were too tired to stop. We have our priorities, people.

Today’s one of those days where I’m just feeling BLAH! Absolutely, positively feeling OFF right now. My mood is currently under construction as I try to pull myself together. A good cry sounds pretty delightful right about now. Just one of those days, nothing in particular. I’ll brush it off and feel better soon enough!

  • Oh that’s awesome that the Hunger Games were good! I can’t wait to see it but I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t be as good as the books. I’m glad to hear a fan of the books enjoyed the movie.
    I hope you wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the weekend after your blah Thursday. It’s Friday now!

  • Thank you Christine! I feel a little bit better today. :) Yes, GO ENJOY the Hunger Games and be sure to come back here and tell me what you think!! Happy weekend!

  • We went to see the Hunger Games yesterday and walked out halfway through – we thought it was horrible. Neither of us has read the books – we just thought the whole premise was sick and … yeah. I’m thinking it’s probably a lot better if you’ve read the books but at this point I don’t get how it’s a best seller. We should have gone to see the Lorax, lol. Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend :D

  • Christina

    That’s pretty funny about Emily! I get rather annoyed that they keep recycling people, but i still usually end up watching :) hope u r feeling better!