Girls Who Wear Glasses…

posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

..have more fun than the masses! That’s my version of it anyway.


Lately, I’ve been the girl who wears contacts since my cheap glasses I got way too long ago have been coming apart slowly. I wrote about the brand Warby Parker almost a year ago and just this week I finally signed up for their “at home try-on” deal. For absolutely NO cost to you they will ship you five pairs of their glasses to try on and choose from. You can’t keep one of those five, but you can have them to try on and then send them right back (once again at no expense to you) within five days. How could you not, right? I must try on glasses to see if I like them. Many glasses I see look like they’d be SO cute, but just don’t work for my face. So, I ordered my five and a few days ago they came in the mail.

Here’s the lineup…

DSC_7906 copy.JPG


DSC_7902 copy.JPG


DSC_7897 copy.JPG


DSC_7920 copy.JPG


DSC_7890 copy.JPG


I apparently feel the need to make goofy faces when modeling glasses.

Okay friends, I need your help! I’ve gotten Adam’s opinion and my mom’s. Now, it’s your turn!

*In case you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I’m buying these with my own money and truly love the brand!

  • They are all cute on you! I think I like the Linwood the best :)

  • I vote Zagg or Sibley depending on what shape you prefer. My best friend just got a pair of glasses from them as well – don’t they donate a pair for every pair you buy or something?

  • i vote the Zagg or Japhy

  • I really like Linwood on you.

  • I like Zagg or Linwood! :)

  • I LOVE the linwood pair! You look so cute!

  • My vote is Sibley – I love the shape :)

  • Cindy

    Sibley or thompson get my vote.

  • Whit

    i like the linwood. meredith does too. so 2 votes!

  • I like all, but my favorite is Japhy and runner-up in Linwood.

  • My vote is for Linwood! Definitely the cutest.

  • Beth

    I vote for Zagg or Japhy!

  • Zagg or Linwood! So cute.

  • Linwood, they’re super cute!

  • Anna

    I like Japhy. They seem softer somehow.

  • Beth B.


  • Definitely Japhy!!

  • Meaghan

    Thompson glasses look adorable and sensible! :)

  • Linwood. :)