St.Patrick’s Day & Other Weekend Cravings.

posted on: Friday, March 16, 2012

Kiss me, I’m Irish! No really, I am. On second thought, no need to kiss me..or pinch me.

See, I’m wearing green:


Okay, I’m many things. Mostly Irish, Italian and German. Fun fact that you probably don’t care about, but oh well here I go, I was due to be born on March 17th. But I decided to be 11 days late. Procrastinating from the start. I also decided being 10 lbs 5 oz. was a good idea. My mom doesn’t agree. Sorry mom. Another fun fact, I was called “the big ol’ baby” by the nurses. I was legen..wait for it..dary.

So anyway, I sort of celebrate it in my head, just a little bit. Besides the fact that it’s St.Patty’s day.

This weekend, my mom, step-dad and Adam’s parents are coming into town, so we’ll celebrate my birthday a bit while they’re here. I’ll just be missing my Dad and my sister, but hopefully I can celebrate with them soon!

Some other things I’m craving for the weekend:

A trip to our new favorite brewery in town, NoDa Brewing Co.

photo 1-31.JPG

Time with my mom, step-dad and in-laws.

Witnessing the craziness that will be 10,000 people at the bar crawl in downtown Charlotte(or as we say, Uptown Charlotte). We won’t be participating, but it should be a sight to see.

Adam taking a half-day on Monday so our weekend can extend a bit longer with his parents.

Watching Nola go crazy with all of our guests in town.

Many more pictures and NOT forgetting my camera at home. Although the iPhone is a good alternative.

Here’s a playlist for your weekend. As far as type of music I like, I just love music. Period. So you will always get a random assortment of things.

This list includes Ace of Base. You’re welcome.

Happy weekend, friends! Any fun St.Patrick’s day plans?

  • Oh.em.gee. I LOVE that you put a how I met your mother reference in the post. What Up. I was a premie baby- my mom likes to tell the story of how my head completely fit in my dad’s palm. Sounds like you’ll have a fun weekend! Enjoy watching the crowd from afar; I typically find that’s the best way. Crowds sometimes scare me, no lie.
    Btdubs the playlist didn’t show up for me. Maybe because I’m using my iPad? I was so excited to see which ace of base song you chose!

  • Love your photo from NoDa Brewing! Wanted to let you know we snagged it for the Facebook event for our monthly community BYO Craft Night there, but we attributed you, of course. Please let us know if you’re ok with this. Love your blog and hope you’ll join us next week at the brewery!

  • Absolutely, I love that you used that photo! Thank you so much for crediting me and for letting me know!