What I Wore: A While Ago.

posted on: Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Blazer & Black Skinnies: Target || Top: Marshalls. || Shoes: Macy’s.


This was an outfit I put together a while ago, but then decided on something different for the day. Still, I keep going back to it, so I thought I would share. Those heels? They’re my favorite right now, but I lose the courage to wear them with an everyday outfit. I’ve only worn them with dresses. Strange? Maybe. But being just under 5’9″, the extra height intimidates me. I feel TOO tall and can see too many tops of too many heads. I’m also working on that hole “walking in heels” thing. Does it ever get easier? Is there a trick? Yes, I’m seriously asking. I’m wobbly in heels, but give me a pair of flats or boots any day and I can stroll with ease like the rest of them. Oh and I also had to share these photos because of Nola’s major photo bomb. I think she can sense that I’m wearing black and wants nothing more than to mark her territory by leaving plenty of fur on those pants. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I must have lint rollers stored everywhere and will for a LONG time. It’s a must.

pleated poppy

  • Love it! You look great! I can’t wait to get back to regular (non-maternity) clothes!

  • I love this! Such a cute outfit.

  • Love this outfit :) I love wearing heels – they make me feel grown-up, and at barely 5’2″, I can use the extra height! I can’t walk in them, though, I always trip or fall right off them!

  • I love the outfit. I used to love wearing heels until they started making my knees hurt. :(

  • I wonder the same thing every time I wear heels…what’s the trick?!
    Like the outfit! You should wear it out :)

  • Those heels look awesome. Classy and comfortable. My friend told me the trick to walking in heels was to use your hips more. Seriously. ‘It’s all in the hips!’ she would yell at me when I tripped down the sidewalk.

  • I love the outfit. Use to wear heels a lot when the kids were smaller. Now I find I wear a lot of flats and comfy shoes to keep up with the boys and all their activities.

  • Nick

    I would prefer an Adam photo bomb. He should mark his territory.

  • Cathy35

    Heels really makes you look so sexy and wonderful! Keep up that awesome style.. :)

  • heels get me, too. I’m seriously considering wearing flats at my wedding. I wonder if there is something on youtube that would be helpful? Hm…

  • Thank you so much! At least you get a cute baby in the end, right? Totally worth it! ;)

  • Thanks Jen!! Means a ton coming from you, fashionista!

  • At least I’m not alone in the tripping department. I need to practice!

  • Oh no! I already have rough knees, so I may need to limit my time in heels. Yikes!

  • I know! There has to be a trick, I can’t imagine feeling as awkward as I do sometimes in heels and yet still wear them all the time. Some women make it look so easy!

  • Thank you! They are some of the more comfortable ones, I just need to get used to walking in them. I will work the hips more though! Great tip. Haha, you poor thing being yelled at after tripping! That would have been me, for sure!

  • Thank you so much, Katy! I want to be a mom that is chic and wears heels, a chic momma. I commend you for getting into heels with little ones anyway! I imagine having boys can be exhausting! Enjoy those flats! Chic mommas wear flats too! ;)

  • Noted. I passed the message along. Thanks, as always, for the love Nick. Adam appreciates it. ;)

  • Why thank you Cathy!

  • You could totally wear flats! I wish I had worn flats at my wedding, like cute boots underneath my dress. I stuck to tradition too much. What I learned and wish I could go back and tell myself is DO WHAT YOU WANT! Don’t worry about what “the norm” is. Be you!!!