posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photos from our weekend.

photo 3-26.JPG

Planning our future headboard. Too excited for words.

photo 5-13.JPG

BOOM. Spring has arrived.

photo 2-29.JPG
Nola learned to like water at training this weekend.

photo 4-21.JPG
Closet door = chalk board.

photo 1-29.JPG
Nola’s perch.

photo 5-14.JPG
The Duke Energy building in downtown Charlotte as seen from my sunroof.

Somedays the time flies and before I know it, the sun is setting without words being yesterday…and that’s okay..

Somedays I declare that I will drag my DSLR around with me everywhere and yet all I remember to bring is my iphone..and that’s okay too..

Somedays I feel so happy and excited about life and the future..days like yesterday and today..

Somedays I feel overwhelmed, anxious..which seems so silly since I’m so stinking blessed and have way more than I deserve. We live on a tight budget, we’re paying off debt but we’re never in need. We have a roof, we have food, we have joy, we have God taking care of us. Blessed.

Somedays Nola drives me crazy. Like..when she eats the wall. Nope, not joking. She ate the wall. She’s done this twice, but this was the worst of the two. I was stressed for an hour..Adam laughed and calmed me down, promising he would fix it. But, you know, when a dog is this cute she kind of gets away with more than she should. I cannot stay mad for long.



DSC_7615 DSC_7617


Somedays we get to spend tons of time together, Adam and I. Those times are mainly weekends and they’re two days of sweet, sweet honey to my soul. I get so spoiled that when Monday rolls around I’m a little blue. But that’s okay, because it just makes those last couple of hours on a Monday night, watching an episode of Lost and a movie that much sweeter. I love my guy.

Somedays I think of how crazy our weeks are right now, with two evening groups we have for the next few months and some other commitments we have along with work. Still, God is putting some amazing people in our lives and it’s just so worth it. We’re feeling more content than we have in a while, I think. It’s a great place to be.

Somedays, well, somedays are Tuesdays and they must be used up to the fullest, off I go dear friends. Happy Tuesday to you!

  • Oh my. I have never seen or heard of a dog eating the wall, that is definitely a first! Olive once chewed on my glasses, and then I got a new pair and she chewed them AGAIN! Luckily I caught her sooner the second time and didn’t need to get them repaired again. Really at the end of the day though, all is forgiven by those puppy dog eyes and cute wagging tails. Darn dogs, get away with everything because they are so adorable!! :)

  • When Chloe was a pup she ate our baseboards. She made her way around the entryway and all the way down the hall before we even noticed! Now we use baby gates to pen her in the hallway when we’re gone and she’s good as gold :) (She better be, since the baseboards are already all chewed up!) I love the closet door as a chalkboard idea – if only I was crafy/my husband was handy ….

  • Puppy likes to eat the wall too!

  • Your dog is precious! I know how you feel about the wall though-my dog ate a hole in our carpet all the way down to the foundation! (in our brand new house)

  • She grinds her front teeth on the wall to get through the drywall. Isn’t that just ridiculous?! That’s why God made them cute, ’cause puppies sure do know how to get themselves into trouble!

  • Oh my gosh! Nola worked on baseboards when she was smaller, but only at my parent’s house. Not so much mine! We were just keeping her in the living room and closing the doors to the kitchen and hallway, but we can’t close off the walls. So she’s back in her crate when we leave, we’ll try again when we get brave enough!

  • Oh puppy!! I think he and Nola would get along well. ;) Does he grind his front teeth on the wall? That’s what Nola does! I don’t get those pups sometimes.

  • Thank you! She’s a hoot, for sure. Oh my word on the carpet though! That’s insane! We just rent(I think she’s determined to get our security deposit taken away), but I can’t imagine that in a new house! Yikes! Does your pup still chew through things?

  • no my pup doesn’t chew anymore, but he does dig outside so we still don’t trust him much!