WIWW: Spring.

posted on: Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Necklace & Tunic: Anthropologie. || Skinnies: Old Navy || Flats & Cardigan: Target || Bracelet: Gift from my sister-in-law. || Earrings: Gift from Angie at Ike & Co.




Does my outfit scream spring? That’s what I was going for. The top is my newest thanks to an Anthro gift card. I usually go straight for sale items, but I was too in love with the color and cut of this tunic.

I think we officially skipped winter. What’s the deal mother nature? I was excited for my first real winter too! Just a little snow, in my own backyard, is all I wanted. Too bad the weather has been mostly gorgeous, so I can’t really complain when the skies are bright blue and the sun is shining bright. So this is what a real spring is like? I’ll take it. I can have my first real winter next year. Deal? Deal!

pleated poppy

  • Yes-LOVE the color of your top-looks just like SPRING! I live in Maine and we have lots of snow. I can ship it to you if you’d like :) I’m definitely over it and ready for spring!

  • You definitely look nice and springy! Love the color of your top.


  • Love this!

  • Thanks love! I just hate my hair. I tried to leave it natural. It hates me. Blah! In other words, hello I miss you. ;)

  • Thank you so much! It’s pretty bright and cheery.

  • Please do! I will take it off your hands for a while. ;)

  • you look so cute!!

  • Lovely outfit and most definitely spring-y. I love the top, the color is great on you!

  • I love your hair – it looks so springy and fun! I, too, am wondering where winter went. It seems like we had one wintery day – an ice storm – and then it’s been warm and smooth sailing ever since. I’m not complaining, I love the warm weather – but I would have liked one or two snowy days!