WIWW: Blissdom.

posted on: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you’re looking for practical tips on social media, Katy Widrick is your girl! She’s a friend of mine and one amazing blogger. One of her tips that I love is taking a picture of what you look like each day of a conference. This way, people know exactly what to look for and may feel more comfortable coming up to you and saying hi!

photo 2-25.JPG

Sweater & Jeans: Old Navy // Gingham button-up shirt: J. Crew // Boots: Target

photo 3-23.JPG

Military Style Jacket: H&M // Tunic & Necklace: Anthropologie // Hair: Originally curled by me & Magically “Oomphed” by Kate.

photo 4-20.JPG

Let’s get down to what I wore during the conference. This was a big deal for me and caused a little bit of stress. That was until I had a thought right before I left. I didn’t want to constantly compare myself to what others looked like. It’s easy at a conference full of amazing women to see what you wish you had worn. But, I realized I just wanted to be myself and not feel pressured to look a certain way. So I did just that!

I shared the idea of taking a picture of our outfits every morning and my roommates(Carrie, Hayley & Kate) were game! Each of the two mornings we took and tweeted a pic, via Instagram, of what we looked like that day and added #blissdom so that it showed up on the live feed of other conference goers. I even saw a few other Blissdomers do it as well.

So friends, this is what I wore Friday and Saturday of the conference! I kept it comfy and cute with my favorite boots, jeans and cute tops. Both days were long and it was a trek back to our room, so staying comfy was essential. I also appreciated how each of us roomies had very distinct styles. We’d say that each morning and I absolutely loved it! My roommates have amazing style.

I loved not feeling stressed and loved not feeling like I wasn’t dressed “right”. Instead of wishing I had worn something someone else had worn, I found inspiration in others’ outfits and felt completely confident..and it felt good!

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{ Whom I got to meet this weekend at Blissdom and she’s just so lovely! }

  • Cute outfits! You look great.

  • Your outfits are so cute! I love the second one. That color looks great on you.

    stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Thanks so much, Ashley! I’m usually a neutral girl, but a pop of color is tons of fun!

  • You have great style! It is simple and classic.

  • That’s such a great idea! I haven’t been to any blogging conferences (yet) but I will surely keep it in mind :)

  • Thank you so much, Natalie!

  • I wish I could claim it, but I’m not that good. It’s all Katy(not me, the other one. That can get confusing!), she’s full of great ideas and knowledge. :)

  • Kim

    always love your fashion posts :) i am dying to go to a blogger conference, but i get so awkward in person. they look like so much fun.

  • DO IT! The only way to get less awkward is to practice. I feel awkward most of the time though, you’re not alone! It gets easier though, I promise! Just be yourself!! :)