posted on: Monday, February 27, 2012

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{ Me & Kate. You know. Just hanging in the kitchen. }

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{ Instagram & Microblogging Session. }

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{ Why, hello Gary from Rascal Flatts. Sorry for sticking my phone in your face. }


So..what just happened? Did I just have a whirlwind of a weekend or what? The last speaker finished Saturday evening and I walked out feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. In a good way. If you can be hit by a truck in a good know what I mean. It seemed that the minute I was able to wrap my head around the fact that I was even at Blissdom, it was finished. I missed Adam and Nola SO much and couldn’t wait to get back to them, but I already miss my roommates like crazy. I’m thinking Blissdom needs to be on my “must save up for” list every year, because it was so much fun. I loved what I learned and the conversation and time with my roommates as well as so many wonderful bloggers at the conference. I almost wish they would tack on an extra day just for meeting people!

I learned some new things, met some new friends and most of all I feel inspired and ready to have an amazing year for myself and the blog. I have so much stuff to think about that I’m pretty sure I’ll be processing everything that happened for the next few months. I’m planning on posting a “favorite things I learned at Blissdom” post soon, but for now I’m going to get to work and attempt to recover from one amazing weekend!

  • i just watched a hair tutorial on pinterest that Kate did… and I don’t think I follow you on pinterest so what a coincidence – gonna go follow ya though and great pic of you w/ rascal flats!