Weekend Cravings: Blissdom edition.

posted on: Friday, February 24, 2012

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Well, after a whirlwind of a day that included being boarded, deboarded, two flights from Charlotte to Atlanta being delayed due to maintenance, waiting for three hours to get on my first flight to Memphis that included Emily O. from this season of The Bachelor and a 12-hour trip that finally got me here. Let me tell you, I knew Nashville was my kind of place when there was an acoustic performer right as you exited the terminal. Yes, please!

So yes, it was a long day but I’m here! SO glad I made it at just the right time. I have the best roommates Kate, Hayley, and Carrie and we enjoyed the opening party tonight hosted by Babble. Tomorrow the sessions start and I’m looking forward to learning a ton! Follow me on twitter and the hashtag #blissdom for updates during the sessions!

With that, here are my weekend cravings, Blissdom style!

This weekend, I’m craving:

Blissdom. Obviously.

Hanging out with my lovely roommates.

Meeting tons of new bloggers.


Learning more about social media and blogging.

Girls Night Out tonight including a concert that should be amazing.

Time with my friend Jenn and her sweet new baby on Saturday.

It’s going to be a wonderful, crazy, busy, awesome weekend! Be sure to leave your weekend plans!


  • have so much fun! I can’t wait to go to a blogger conference. Also, let me know if you’d really be up for watching Hailey March 8th- if so maybe we can meet up sometime so I can introduce you :)

  • This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday with my family (it’s Tuesday of next week). Have a great weekend!! :)

  • Okay, I forget where I just found your site (some other site or person linked to it?) but just had to come here because I always get excited when other people named Katy spell their name the *right* way! ;) Then, I kind of chuckled that your last name is Hill b/c my maiden name was Shill. I don’t know why I’m bothering you with this but your site is lovely – just had stop by to tell you that! Sounds like you’ve had quite the adventure already with all the plane issues – enjoy Blissdom!

  • SO glad I got to room with you this weekend. :)

  • Oh gosh, I will! I’ll ask Adam TODAY and let you know. So so sorry to keep you waiting, it’s been a crazy few days!

  • Oh FUN! Happy, happy, happy birthday tomorrow!! YAY!

  • You’re not bothering me in the slightest, silly! I love stories like that. Katy IS the right way to spell it..and it’s NOT Kathy. ;) Blissdom was fab and Sunday’s travel day was much, much smoother. Woohoo!

  • ME TOO!! Oh goodness, I miss you already!