Blissdom: Two days & Counting.

posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BlissDom ’11 from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.

If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I’ve been talking a lot about Blissdom. Blissdom is a conference in Nashville all about social media and blogging. Considering I’m a social media strategist and blogger, it’s pretty much right up my alley. If I had an alley. Let’s pretend I do..and It’s up there. I knew the chances of going were, well, nearly impossible with a super tight budget until a fateful day when I realized I had won a ticket to go thanks to the Lovely Guide blog. I still needed to pay for hotel and airfare, but I knew I had to make it work. This was a huge opportunity! So, on Thursday morning I’m flying out to Nashville to spend a few days with 750 amazing bloggers. It’s going to be incredible and I’m hoping to learn a ton and meet a whole new group of friends. You can follow me on twitter and the #Blissdom hashtag for updates, pictures and I also plan to tweet what I’m learning at each session.

Are you going to Blissdom this year? If so, please leave your name and blog. I would LOVE to meet you!

Just look for this face and come say hello!


  • So nice to “meet” you! I hope we meet up in person. Which sessions do you think you’ll be attending?

  • Kat

    Jon Acuff, the guy who writes the Stuff Christians Like blog is gonna be speaking! haha that’s all I have to contribute to this :)

  • I wish I could look for your pretty face at Bliss, but I’m not going! I love your dimple, tell it “Hi” for me :)

  • That conference looks AWESOME! I can’t wait to see/hear about what you bring back from it!!

  • OH this is you!!! YAY! You did make it to my blog. :) SO nice to meet you last night, Jen! I’m in Likeability right now. What sessions are you doing?

  • He. was. INCREDIBLE!!! SO good!

  • I wish you were here! I miss you!! Thanks for loving the dimple, she says hello! ;)

  • I’ll be reporting back. ;)