Getting there.

posted on: Monday, February 20, 2012

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( Adam and our niece, Lucy! LOVE her! )


Last weekend we drove to Orlando for my friend, Gen’s, wedding and to meet the newest love of my life, my niece Lucy. The drive is feeling longer and longer each trip, but it’s always so amazing to go home.

As much as I wanted to move to Charlotte, it feels so comfortable and cozy when I’m back in Orlando. So familiar. I wanted to move and get to Charlotte so badly, that I didn’t realize how much I would miss it when I finally left. I knew I would miss my in-laws and friends, that was a given, but I didn’t realize how much I would miss just being in Orlando. That happens every time, doesn’t it? We focus so much of our energy on getting to where we want to go, that we don’t stop and enjoy what’s in front of us as much as we should.

It’s familiar back there, it’s safe. It was home for so long and it’s where Adam’s side of the family is. My heart is full whenever I’m there and it’s a feeling I want to have when I’m here in Charlotte. I know that soon, being here will be like that for us. It is home here, but soon the feeling of home will accompany the knowledge of it.

It’s such a growing process this whole change thing. My friend Jamie said it best when she said they should have a required course in college on how to get through such drastic life changes. College just doesn’t prepare you for your comfortable little world to grow and change as everyone you became close with begins their own new chapters of life. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with if we think about it too much. Then I remember that God is my constant, He is solid and will always be, that’s what gives me such comfort. No matter where I am.

As hard as it can be at times, this is such a great time for Adam and I as a married couple. As we build onto our family of friends here in Charlotte, we’re learning to rely on each other and the Lord so much more. We’re experiencing this huge life change together. We’re growing stronger and we’ll hit a point where we realize that we feel just as comfortable and cozy here in Charlotte as we do in Orlando. It happened after I moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando for college and It’ll happen here. We’re getting there slowly but surely. All that matters is that we’re getting there together.


( Engagement photo by Cory Callahan. 2008. )

  • Lovely pictures, looks like a fantastic weekend. The best ones are always spent with family, aren’t they? I completely understand what you mean about moving and the comfort of home. Last year, I moved to England, a life long dream of mine. Though it’s only for university, I miss my family more than I though I would. Seems like you have a great outlook on adjusting to this change, good luck :)