Weekend Cravings.

posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012


This weekend, I’m craving.

A weekend home! I’ve loved the last few busy weekends, but I’m very excited for a couple days to go by our own schedule, relax, get things done, do whatever the heck we want. It’s going to be loooovely!

Nola time at the dog park. The group of dogs in Nola’s training class are meeting up for a trip to the dog park which I’m really excited about. Last time they did a dog park trip I couldn’t make it, so I’m excited to be there this time. Yes, she’s pretty much our child.

Some more down time. I’ve been taking a few days off to prevent forcing words on a page for the sake of, well, words on a page. Sometimes a few days away and just living life provides the muse needed for a few more months of inspiration. This girl is all kinds of amazing and wrote about this very thing at just the right time. Sometimes a break is much needed, don’t you think?

A short list this week, just looking forward to enjoying time at home and hopefully doing a whole lot of nothing as well!


What are your weekend plans?

  • your dog is just too cute!!