If you asked me..

posted on: Thursday, February 9, 2012

This post inspired was inspired by Casey and her sincere, honest writing. Check out her blog if you haven’t yet, it’s wonderful!


If you asked me, I would tell you that we would love, love, love to buy a house as soon as possible, but there’s a chance we’ll probably rent another year or two. It’ll happen when the time is right. I’m reminding myself of that in a lot of areas of my life. I’m not good at being patient.

If you asked me, I would tell you that I’m considering going back to school for graphic design, but the thought of going back to school and spending that much right now, scares me a little bit..okay, scares me a lot.

If you asked me…I would tell you that I wish I was more consistent in my walk with God. I have so much room to grow, as we all do, but I feel that absence when my walk isn’t the strongest. We just started meeting with our church bible study group and I know this is going to be such a blessing in our lives and help with that.


If you asked me…I would tell you that I wish I woke up every morning at 6 A.M. and spent an hour reading my bible with a cup of coffee. In reality it looks more like me hitting snooze forever and starting my day just as Adam is leaving for work. I really want to work on this.

If you asked me…I would tell you that I wish I wasn’t so sensitive hearted. I’ve been told it’s a gift, but most of the time it just feels like a burden. Maybe that’s a good thing. The bad part A lot of times I feel so much empathy for others that I literally hurt for other people. For people that I see going through hard times or look like they just need a hug. I just need to continue to share more kindness with the world. One person can only do so much, but there’s so much that can be changed with just one person.

If you asked me, I would tell you that Nola sits on her perch a little bit everyday and I often glance over and just have to watch her. She’s such a pretty pup and brings so much joy into my life. She can be crazy and oh-so-frustrating, but so worth it for those happy and sweet moments.


If you asked me…I would tell you that I’m going through serious baby fever, but I know that starting our family is still a ways off. Nola will be an only child for a little while longer. We have a few things to work on before that day comes, but I can’t help but dream of the day. It’s such a crazy thing to me still, the fact that you create this person that’s half you and half your best friend. It boggles my mind.

If you asked me…I would tell you that I like to make even the littlest things fun. Like our road trip tomorrow. We’ve taken that 9 hour route many times in the last year, but I still love it. I love that time with my husband. I love playing silly road games. I love the anticipation of seeing family at our destination.

If you asked me…I would tell you that I am an optimist and prefer it that way. I prefer to see joy and surround myself with positive people. Our time here is short, too short to let people who hurt you stick around in your life. I choose joy, positivity, light and while I’m sensitive hearted and people can easily hurt me, I prefer to believe the best in others.


  • I can completely relate to a few of these…particularly the ones about my walk with God. I think for Lent, I’m giving up the snooze button – so that I can have time to spend reading the Bible and praying.

  • OH! i like the idea of giving up the snooze button!! !

  • Krystina

    I can relate to this so much. I want to go back to school (but I’m terrified), I have baby fever (but there’s no way we can have a baby right now) and I wish I wasn’t so sensitive and affected by what others say or do (re: I’m an emotional basket-case at times).

  • Amazing post, and I totally relate to so many of these. I am thinking about going back to school after grad for nutrition and it terrifies me. I’m only 22 and not married and I think about babies and houses, haha.

  • I’m with you.. I need to strengthen my walk with God. I can’t let all the other “things” get in my way. Thanks for sharing!

  • what a beautifully written post~!

  • i love these heart-felt posts. i totally agree with you about the waking up earlier… today was the first day that josh and i started off our day together by reading the bible in years and it was great!! all good things will come in God’s perfect time– house, baby, school… girl, you are a beautiful soul, in and out!!

  • I agree, I just wish my subconcious agreed! So often, I don’t even remember hitting snooze! My room stays SO dark! I had Adam turn the fan off this morning, so maybe I’ll ask him to turn on all of the lights as well. Moving my phone(alarm) way across the room also helps! That’s such a great idea, Mindy!

  • Can we start a club? I’m right there with you! I often create things in my head that don’t exist and have to have Adam clarify. I take things to heart too easily as well. Sigh..

  • Thanks Jess! I think this is the perfect time for you to go back to school and keep going. If that’s where your passion lies, go for it! I think each year we wait after graduation to go back, the harder it is!

  • Exactly. I often put my own comfort in front of God and that’s awful. Vegging out in front of the TV is not important by any means. I definitely need to prioritize better in my life.

  • Thank you, sweet Sandy!

  • That’s awesome!! So glad you took some time for that. I need to work on this, very badly. It just makes my day so much better and I can handle things so much calmer and clearer than if I skip my daily time with the Lord. Thank you for the encouragement, you’re right. His timing is so much better than anything we could orchestrate ourselves. You’re so sweet, friend. Love ya!!

  • Beautiful post. Raw, honest and real. Love reading your blog every day, you are so inspiring!

  • What a great post Katy! You’re definitely not alone in wanting to be more consistent in your walk with the Lord. I struggle to keep up the habit of reading my Bible every day. Some weeks, I’m completely on top of it, and I feel great. Other weeks, not so much. And that’s when I start to fall back into my old habits, which isn’t fun for anyone! I just really try to make it a top priority, even if it means waking up way too early, or going to bed way to late.

  • Beth B.

    If you asked me…I would say that this post is lovely, and you’re definitely not alone! As with all the girls above, I can relate to the internal mind games/struggles/wants and needs. But it’ll all play out the way its supposed to…patience stinks! I keep telling myself that it’s ok to hit the snooze right now because once a baby is in the picture, that will NOT be an option. Better enjoy it while you can! And I cannot tell you how incredibly jealous I am of my friends who are redecorating and fixing up their houses while we’re stuck paying rent that is most likely higher than monthly mortgage payments. But I would rather wait for the perfect house that we can afford and enjoy that jumping into it. God will tell you when you’re ready. :-)

  • Great post, Katy. Love it. I am right there with you on the walk w/ God portion. My morning quiet time is definitely something I need to work on and make MORE of a priority.

  • What a lovely post Katy! I gave up the snooze button for Lent one year and it was REALLY hard, but effective!

  • I wish I could wake up and be disciplined to read my bible every day too! I’m working on it! Hope this last week you were able to get some good time in the word!