Rest from the weekend.

posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012

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In love with this shrug, but Adam vetoed it. The sequins are fairly heavy and made a lot of noise when you walk. Still…I love it.

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Long grocery shopping trips require proper fueling. Oh yes they do!

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Evening walk with the pup last night. We’ve had some gorgeous sunsets in Charlotte lately.

This weekend was a busier one than normal, but I loved it! Friday I headed to the mall to try and spend a gift card I had to Anthropologie. This is where twitter comes in extra handy, shopping help! I asked for opinions on some things I tried on and received tons of advice. I’m always on a budget and have a hard time deciding on what to choose. Twitter makes deciding so much easier! I ended up buying my first pair of big girl(read: expensive) jeans and felt amazing in them! Too bad the next day the button broke. This did not help my argument with my husband on why expensive jeans are worth it. “They last forever” flew right out the window with that one. We returned them and sadly they did not have my size in another pair. Oh well. On Saturday, I had training all day for the program I’m volunteering with called Girls On The Run. It was fun and got me very pumped up for the season, but I was pretty exhausted afterward. I debated between a nap and coffee and went straight for the coffee since we had already decided to go to church that night, which was incredible and very much needed, as it is every week. I feel so much more prepared for the week ahead after church. While I was hoping for a bit more rest on Sunday, we tackled some much-needed errands and some not-so-needed but fun ones.Phew! While I now feel that I need another weekend to get some rest from this weekend, I’m very much looking forward to a happy and productive week. Wishing you all a great one!

  • jen

    cute jeans. you should try to take them back and get an unbroken pair :)

  • Forgot to mentioned that I returned them but that was the only pair in my size! Oh well..

  • Ugh sorry about the jeans- you look very cute!

  • Melissa034

    The pohoto of the dog is really awesome!

  • Hey Katy! I just discovered your blog this weekend, and I love it! I love the look of it. It’s so clean and fresh! I don’t know what it looked like before, but it looks fantastic now! Anyway, I just thought I’d stop lurking and say hello! Oh, and I just might be in love with your dog! I loved those pictures of her looking out the window! So so so cute!! Anyway, have a great week! :)

  • Thanks Jess! Just means another excuse to go shopping again.

  • Oh, hello Sarah! I’m so glad you love the blog and that you’re reading. It means so much to me! Oh goodness, it’s a good thing Nola is cute because she can be quite the handful, that girl! ;) I hope you have a wonderful week yourself! I’m going to head on over and check out your blog now!

  • That’s no fun about the jeans! All of mine are from American Eagle and Levi’s. I have trouble justifying expensive jeans to myself – especially when I buy really expensive running shoes!

    Love the top!

  • Ooooh! I have that “All Out Of” list in red. Don’t you love it? It makes grocery shopping fun. ;)

  • I do! It’s so easy to just check off things as we run out of them. Love it!