Always craving coffee.

posted on: Friday, January 27, 2012


This weekend, I’m craving.

Coffee. Let’s face it, I’m always craving coffee.

Shopping? Yes, I think so. I have a gift card that’s begging to be spent.

Thrift store exploring. I would love to find some things for the house and kitchen on a budget!

Staying up late, no matter how early we have to wake up in the morning.

A relaxing and s l o w Sunday.

Girls On The Run coaches training on Saturday. I’m volunteering with this amazing organization this semester. Basically, it’s a program to empower girls and teach them to feel good about themselves while training for 5k. At the end of the semester, we run a 5k with the girls and they complete their first race! I remember how incredible I felt after my first 5k and I can’t help but wish I had a program like this when I was a kid. I’m so excited. I am an elementary education major, so I just love this age group and I love running. It’s such a great mix of both! GOTR is always in need of volunteers so, if you are interested, please check the site and find the local GOTR team near you. I’m co-coaching with my friend Caitlin and her husband as well as one other girl. It should be a fun few months!

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  • I am always craving coffee, too! My parents are coming to visit me tonight, so I am looking forward to a fun night and morning with them! I’m also looking forward to a long run, and a relaxing weekend with The Boy.

  • Every week I read your cravings and thing, “oh, that is such a good idea for a post, I should do that!” And then a week goes by, I don’t do a cravings post, and the thought comes to mind again. Some day I will remember!! :)

  • cough. you should do an HLB monday announcement for weekend craving link ups. cough.

  • Oh fun! I love time with the parents. My mom and step-dad will be in town next weekend. SO excited for that. Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

  • I will try and remind everyone ahead of time next week! I hope you remember soon! :)

  • Ha, you know what Heather? I think i should do an HLB Monday announcement for weekend craving link ups! Oh and you should really see a doctor about that cough. ;) Have a great weekend, friend!

  • I looked up GOTR – it sounds like a great organization to be involved in, but they don’t have one in my city. Or province. Sad … Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  • I’m in the same boat as Kelly! Next week…

  • Just found your blog today for the first time & am loving it! I’m following via bloglovin’ now & can’t wait to explore around here.

    My little blog is in a bit of a transition stage – do I start sponsor swaps? Redesign? Switch from wordpress to blogger, etc? And yours is inspiring in several ways.

    Happy weekend! :)

  • Oh yay! So glad you are following the blog now! Your comment just made my day. If you have any questions or just want an opinion, feel free to use the contact page and shoot me an email! I’d love to help however I can! Happy weekend to you!