Worst babysitter ever.

posted on: Thursday, January 26, 2012

I just had to share this. Erin Foster and really all of the HelloGiggles crew(hello Zooey D.) have quickly been added to my “wish we were real-life friends” list. Yes, I have one those. Okay, it’s not a physical list, it’s pretty much only in my head. But there is a list and a whole lot of people on it. What can I say, I like friends.

P.S. I actually really love kids and can’t wait for the day when I have my own babies. Although, don’t get too crazy, that day is still a ways off(sorry mom). But this video pretty much made my day and therefore I had to share it. The little girl is hilarious. Well done, HG crew. Oh, and if you haven’t heard of HelloGiggles, go check it out now. It’s pretty fantastic.

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