posted on: Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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That would be my biggest problem. Being afraid to fail. It’s why I don’t go for everything I want in life. Why I often dwell on the ideas of things that I want to accomplish and hesitate. I have a creative spirit inside of me, but I’m scared to let my ideas flourish. Isn’t that silly? I wish I could just leap without looking sometimes. I wish I wasn’t afraid to fail. I know it’s hindered so many things. The biggest thing I’m telling myself right now? SO WHAT?! So what if I fail? At least I will never have to wonder, “What if?” So what if I fail? At least I gave it my best try. At least I can learn from my mistakes, my failures.

You know what happens when you try? You just might succeed. You just might discover something beautiful. It’s never easy, but it’s worth it. God will open the doors that are meant to be open, the exact right doors. I know He’s protected me from opportunities that just aren’t right for me and has provided opportunities I never thought I would ever get.

So GO for it. Go for whatever it is you’re hesitating about. Share your dreams with others. Write them down on paper. See what happens. Don’t hinder that creative spirit. It’s amazing what can happen If you just let your dreams live and move and breathe. You have those dreams for a reason, explore them. Stop giving fear the power.


  • I know what you mean, I am the exact same way! It’s so tough to learn to take a leap without failing!

  • Amazing post, I completely understand what you mean about being afraid to really try for fear of failure. I have to tell myself ‘so what’ all the time. After all, I’d rather have tried and gained some good/bad/funny/humbling experiences rather than get everything right all the time :)

  • Great quote and motivation! The fear of failing is one of my biggest fears too… But throughout the years I’ve become more willing to try new things and accept a failure if it means success in the future!

    I’ll never forget the [cheesy] quote that many of my elementary teachers had posted on their wall “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!”

  • It really is. I’m really talking to myself in this post, just thought I’d share my self pep talk with everyone. ;)

  • Absolutely. So what if I fail?! What is the worst thing that might happen? It’s never as bad as our fear leads us to believe.

  • I love really do love that quote, cheesiness and all! I’m glad it’s getting easier for you. Like anything life-changing, it takes time and practice. I’m sure it’s gotten easier with time! We just have to be aware of what we’re doing when she shy away from our dreams and go for it!

  • This is so true – taking risks is a good thing – it helps us learn and grow!

  • LOVE this post-very thought provoking! I, too, struggle with fear of failure. It is something I am working on and I am trying to learn to take a few good risks!