To be truly happy.

posted on: Thursday, January 19, 2012





{ Photos of our wedding day by Cory Callahan. }

“God doesn’t withhold from us because He doesn’t want us to be happy. He withholds from us precisely because He wants us to be truly happy, and He knows enough of who we are that he understands that in our own devices, given everything we desire, we would make ourselves perfectly miserable.”

I found this on Adam’s Facebook status a couple months ago and thought it was just so perfect. I thought it was from a book, but he actually wrote it himself. He blows me away, that man. Well said, my love. Well said.

  • Well said indeed!!

  • Nick

    Simply put: God is amazing and Adam is pretty great too.

  • Love this!

  • he is so right. he is SO right.
    well said.

  • Nick should come to Charlotte to visit. We will have a candlelight dinner on the roof! It’ll be so manly and awesome

  • That is so lovely and well put :-)

  • Um wow. That is beautiful. I just might copy that into my own FB status :)
    LOVE these photos! You were a STUNNING bride!!

  • Your photos are stunning and radiate pure joy!

  • Check below for his reply.

  • You have full permission to copy, of course! Thank you, friend!

  • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I was marrying my best friend that day, SO much joy!!

  • Aaaww nice photos and he really has a great sense of intelligence in him.

  • You look so happy in these photos :)


  • You looked beautiful on your wedding day! I love how much you love Adam :)